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7 of The Best App Developers in The US

Have you ever been curious about how mobile apps are created? So who are the people behind the scenes Android Are there any apps that can help you with your daily work, school homework, and work?

Well, no wonder anymore.

Introducing companies that create mobile applications to view and use on Android devices.

Now I know what you are thinking.

Is it truly that important to know about these mobile application development companies?

And the answer is yes! In this way, you can learn more about the best companies that make the best apps available in the app store.

Therefore, if you are a business owner who wants to create an app for your business, you will know which company to consult. And if you’re a computer science student or software engineer, you can see which companies are worth a look.

And now, without any further effort, let’s get down to it and see the best app developers in the United States.

Top app development company based in the United States

App developers are creating mobile apps for smart devices such as Android smartphones and tablets. Most of these companies get paid by companies that want apps for their business, and some app developers create their own apps.

Then, once you’ve created these applications, upload them to your app store for your use.

However, there are many app developers, and browsing these companies to see which one is best can be tedious and time-consuming. So I made a list of the best application developers I found.

Now, if you want to know the best companies that create the best applications we see and use every day, let’s get started.

  1. Utility.

It’s no wonder that the utility has surpassed our list of the best app developers.

Want to know why?

Utilities is a mobile app development company focused on designing and engineering mobile applications for businesses and start-up ventures. The company was founded in 2013 by the Major League Baseball and McCann Ericsson companies.

Since then, it has created many innovative applications for hundreds of brands.

In addition, the company is made up of product strategists, user experience designers, and experienced software engineers. So it’s no wonder that the applications created by this company are top-notch.

Some of the most popular brands that have adopted the utility are Airbnb, NBA, Samsung, Wiz Khalifa, Verizon, DirecTV, and Target.

Utility companies not only create apps for businesses, but also games such as Stride Gum and AVP Pro Beach Volleyball.

It’s cool?

In summary, Utilities is a trusted app developer that creates award-winning mobile applications driven by strategy, design, and technology. So I encourage you to have a look at it.

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2. 7 EDGE

7EDGE is an app development company that provides strategic consulting, marketing and advertising, engineering, and innovation.

However, the company is focused on providing website and application creation services.

But what sets 7EDGE apart from other app developers is that it prioritizes customer expectations by providing the right strategies and solutions to support their business.

For this reason, the company has many loyal customers. A few of one of the most popular consumers they have are Sapient, General Electric, IBM, Smirnoff, and also Facebook.

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  1. Creative360

If you’re looking for a company to help new entrepreneurs improve, design, and launch their own mobile applications, Creative 360 is your contact.

Creative360 has succeeded in creating innovative apps for clients by practicing effective strategy, design, development, and marketing.

The company uses analytics and research, business, and content strategies. The company also focuses on optimizing information architecture and user experience.

Lexus, C2GO, BW, Marked Private, Front Door, and Traca is some of Creative 360’s loyal clients and proves the wonders of app developers.

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  1. Net solution

Net Solutions is a digital experience company that helps start-ups design and build their own mobile applications.

This company was founded in 2000 by Sameer Jain. Net Solutions has more than 230 employees, including business analysts, software engineers, technical leads, illustrators, developers, and more.

Net Solutions has a variety of clients including Unilever, Microsoft, Harvard Business Review, Premier League, Mother Care, Euro Car Parts, and more.

However, in addition to these known brands, the company also supports many successful global startups.

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  1. Blue Label Lab

Blue Label Labs is a US-based company that provides web design, development, and marketing services to businesses and entrepreneurs.

No wonder the company has won numerous awards for its efficient research, design, and construction process used by Blue Label Labs.

The company draws the attention of award-winning organizations every year because it offers top-notch designs.

Now, thanks to these awards and all the successful projects of the company, it’s no wonder that Blue Label Labs has won many loyal customers such as Bloomberg, Columbia University, American Express, and the United Nations.

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  1. NMG

However, you should check out NMG, which has been servicing since 2008. This software application development business builds websites and also mobile applications for businesses.

NMG has been successful with streamlined solutions to understand customer needs. And the best part of their service is that it doesn’t end with product creation.

The company also monitors user feedback about websites and apps and improves them accordingly.

It’s no wonder NMG has acquired more than 300 businesses and brands as a customer with the amazing offers it offers.

Nikon, Lenovo, Harvard, Bacardi, and Waterman Entertainment are some of the customers who trust NMG.

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  1. Zco

Zco Corporations is a mobile app development and design company trusted by clients such as Harvard University, Volkswagen, Verizon, BBC America, Samsung, Motorola, and Microsoft.

The company offers mobile app development services that create apps on both native and hybrid media for a variety of devices.

Since the company has provided clients with comprehensive design documentation, agile development and testing, and post-release support, customers have provided great feedback on these services.

Zco also creates educational apps and mobile games such as MMOs. So if you’re looking for a company that turns your ideas into mobile games, Zco is the company to go to.

Their enthusiastic art team and game developers will surely give you a top-of-the-chart game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an app development company that provides high-quality services to start-up companies?

Yes, you can choose from thousands of app developers. In addition, all app developers on our list provide excellent service to start-ups. We encourage you to click on the links on your company’s website to find out about them.

  • How much does it cost an app developer to create a mobile app for a start-up company?

The price range of the services provided differs depending on the application development company. If your budget isn’t too tight and you need a complex app, offers in the range of $ 100,000 to $ 500,000 are available.

However, if you just want a simple app with basic functionality, you can buy a service for $ 10,000 to $ 50,000.


We must admit:

All the amazing technological developments that are happening make it much easier to perform everyday tasks.

And along with that, we must thank the thousands of app developers for providing great applications for our phones.

These companies serve a variety of start-ups. Therefore, if you are a company owner in need of an app, a computer science student interested in app development, or a software engineer looking for a job, you should check our handpicked list.

This list is made up of the best of the best app developers found in the United States.