meta reels

Announcing Tools to Create and Edit Reels on Meta, Instagram, Facebook

Meta announced on June 2nd (US time) several creative tools that make it easier to create and edit reels on Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram has a feature that allows you to create videos using existing reel video formats as templates.

In addition to new tools related to sound sources such as sound effects and the ability to capture only sound from your own videos.

We have also introduced interactive stamps on the reels that were previously only available in Stories.

The length of the reel video will also be changed from the previous maximum of 60 seconds to the maximum of 90 seconds.

In addition to the ability to edit sound sources such as voice-overs and sound syncs.

Facebook’s reels add the ability to edit long live or pre-recorded gameplay videos and easily create reel videos.

You can also use the creator studio to create and reserve reel videos from your desktop.

Some features will be available from June 2nd, and others will be available in the coming weeks.