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In Windows 11 Preview, Parental Control Set With the “Family” App

Although not yet included in the official version of Windows 11, the Windows 11 Insider Preview comes standard with an app called “Microsoft Family.”

It is now possible to check and manage parental control items that were previously set by opening Microsoft’s “Family Safety” in a browser on the Windows app.

Parental controls are a feature that filters children’s browsing websites and apps they’re trying to install to keep them out of dangerous content and limit their usage time.

How To Setting Parental Control

In the current official version of Windows 11, you can open “Settings” → “Accounts” → and “Family and other users” to check and allow members, but if you want to set it, “Manage family settings online or You need to click “Delete Account” to display the settings screen in your browser.

In addition, in the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview, the setting screen of “Account” has also been brushed up in various ways. First and foremost, the item “Purchased Products” has been added to the top to show the Microsoft Office license.

In Windows 11 Insider Preview, an app called “Family” has been added to the Start menu. When you start the app, the welcome screen is displayed only for the first time, so click “Introduction”.

In addition to the administrator, the account of the added family is lined up in the app run, and if it is already connected to the device and used, the usage time, etc. are displayed.

Clicking on a photo opens the user’s overview page. You can check the usage time, apps used, websites you browsed, keywords you searched for, and so on. It is also possible to set the usage time and billing. What you can do is the same as setting on the web screen.

You can also add a “Family Safety” widget. This is the official version of Windows 11 and is already available. Click the “+” in “Family Safety” on the widget addition screen.

Many parents say that “Family Safety” is not easy to use, but it has become easier to use by making it an application. I’m grateful that it’s free to use, so if you want to control your child’s PC usage, I recommend checking it out.