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2022-2025: Ethereum Price Forecast

Ethereum Price Forecast – There was a lot of news about crypto assets in 2021, but what will be the move from 2022 to 2025? Foreseeing after 2022, there will be fierce competition for the Metaverse, $ 1 billion hacks that shouldn’t have happened, and bot hiring to buy NFTs.

Cryptocurrency assets are expected to grow to $ 7.5 trillion in 2022, but there are many opinions that it is reasonable to do partly by Metaverse. If you are not familiar with how to get started with Ethereum, how to buy Ethereum, or if you are new to Ethereum, we hope you will find this article a guide.

Ethereum Price Forecast-Overview

As of May 25, 2022, Ethereum is ranked second in the market capitalization ranking in the cryptocurrency world. Many experts have stated that “there is a good chance that prices will continue to rise” as we maintain a bull market.

Ethereum’s proud development group, Optimism, has raised about 17 billion yen in areas where investors cannot see.

Assuming the completion of “The Merge,” known for its major updates, price increases could be highly probable.

Ethereum’s DeFi history is projected to mark more than 80% compared to the same period last year. Along with this, more and more investors are considering buying Bitcoin.

By all means, let’s master how to buy Ethereum and how to buy Ethereum, and realize your Ethereum purchase in an advantageous way.

Ethereum Price Chart

Ethereum Upgrades-Latest News

In 2022, the momentum of Ethereum, which boasts the second largest market capitalization in the cryptocurrency market, will not stop. At the end of March 2022, the latest version v4.3.1 was released on the MetaMask mobile app, and you can now purchase crypto assets using iOS. .. Purchase Ethereum through “Wyre”. Use international cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Apple Pay to purchase the hottest Ethereum.

Currently, the only cryptocurrency that can be purchased is Ethereum (ETH), but we plan to consider supporting other currencies in the future.

The purchase limit is $ 1,000 a week and $ 7,500 a year, and a “3.9% + $ 0.3 + gas fee” fee will be charged. According to the latest update, it has indicated its intention to support private blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. The good news for investors is that some transactions that don’t cost gas will be possible.

Again, getting started with Ethereum and buying Ethereum is simple. If you are new to Ethereum , start with the demo and gain confidence.

In 2022, the following upgrades are planned.

  • Thorough construction of cross-chain infrastructure for Ethereum Layer 2 and Polkadot / Kusama, and raising funds aiming for 32 million. Participation includes GSR, NGS Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, etc.
  • Comprehensive team expansion
  • Expanding to crypto assets that can be further put into practical use
  • Continue major updates to further improve functionality
  • Change the consensus algorithm to POS
  • Launch of the latest test net “Kiln”.
  • The Merge was conducted on the public test net “Ropsten” in early June 2022.

By all means, you should touch on how to get started with ethereum and how to buy ethereum at this perfect time . Of course, buying ethereum is not difficult.

Ethereum price transition

eth price transition
image source: coingecko

Ethereum (ETH) prices have been volatile with every major project, such as hard forks and Pow to Pos updates. This was caused by linking with the price of Bitcoin, which is the main issue, but the price transition since its appearance in history has been dizzying.

It is thought that the fluctuation of the Ethereum price is sensitively linked to the price movement of Bitcoin. .. With the growth of DiFi, Ethereum’s expectations are only rising, but the volatility of cryptocurrencies cannot be ignored, regardless of the Korona-ka or the situation in Russia-Ukraine. That said, the cryptocurrency legislation and legislation brought about by these global affairs is certainly at least influencing price increases.

Looking at the price of Ethereum after 2017, we have succeeded in expanding to a stronger community by improving convenience through efforts for development and practical application. An increasing number of investors are also considering buying Ethereum . It is also important to choose the right broker to buy Ethereum . Ethereum Method Even a super beginner can invest with confidence if he / she can get reliable information.

July 2015: $ 3.52 for Frontier Update

July 2015, two years after the name “Ethereum” was published in a white paper in 2013. The frontier upgrade has raised the price to $ 3.52. Vitalik Butarin, the inventor of Ethereum, introduced cryptocurrencies to the world at the young age of 19, and became a hot topic when he explained in detail the contents of the project, the technology to be adopted, the excavation method, and so on. He showed his enthusiasm to build DApps (decentralized application with blockchain), which is the purpose of Ethereum.

In July 2015, the frontier update was published on the public internet, but only transactions such as money transfer and contract processing were possible, not “recorded” on the blockchain.

March 2016: $ 14.87 with Homestead Update

March 2016 was a major milestone for Ethereum. The Homestead Update raised the price from $ 1.2 to $ 14.87. Around this time, the problematic “bug” was rationalized, and the recording of contracts and transactions on the blockchain began in earnest. Future-proof venture companies and leading companies have named themselves Ethereum projects, and the programs that automate the fork (branch) obstruction technology and work that have been taken up as issues have been divided. It was around this time that the price of GAS rose.

April 2016: The DAO ICO Trial $ 14.87

A project “The DAO” was attempted to establish an autonomous and decentralized investment fund without a central manager. The funds raised by this project were about $ 123.32 million, and it became a hot topic due to the formation of an unexpectedly large fund. In addition, the “voting right” regarding the number of tokens held was passed around this time. Prices went up from just over $ 7 to $ 14.87, and the community was delighted.

October 2017: $ 278.89 for Metropolis Byzantium Update

In October 2017, the Metropolis Byzantium Update took place, but prices settled at $ 278.89. Some even wondered if it was returning to the bear market as it fell while maintaining $ 349.3. Around this time, general investors became able to use the smart contract function, and from the viewpoint of location information and privacy protection, it became impossible for other people to grasp the transaction details and remittance amount.

eth price trend 2021-2022
source: eth price trend 2021-2022 by coingecko

The mechanism of Ethereum as a cryptocurrency is very different from that of Bitcoin. Since Ethereum is a type of altcoin, there is a tendency for Bitcoin to inevitably raise the price. In other words, if the price of Bitcoin goes up, the price of Altcoin goes up, and if it goes down, it goes down. Since the price moves in proportion to the price movement of BTH, if you want to raise the price of Ethereum, the price increase of Bitcoin is the key.

That said, there are rare cases where Ethereum hit a new high while Bitcoin Minance recorded a 50% drop in April 2021. As you can see, there are some positive news in Ethereum that please the holders, and in the latter half of May 2022, transactions are in the 2.100 usd range.

In addition, the method of purchasing Bitcoin , which is closely related to the price of Ethereum, is simple, and the Bitcoin method is easy to understand even for super beginners .  When buying Bitcoin , it is a good idea to check the available military funds and then check the broker site or demo transaction to see how much it is appropriate to start Bitcoin .

Ethereum forecast by foreign investors

Here, we would like to introduce the “Ethereum” forecast by a well-known overseas investor. Ethereum has continued to rise since the beginning of 2022, and it is said that more and more investors are considering purchasing it. It is undoubtedly the most notable brand of altcoin, but unlike Bitcoin, it is characterized by an unlimited number of issues. With smart contract functionality, you can develop Dapps and it will be an attractive currency to issue new tokens.

From 2022 to 2025, Ethereum has adopted smart contracts that do not require a third party and can conclude fair contracts, so if it becomes more widespread in the future, price increases can occur with high probability. I think. In addition, more than 500 leading companies such as Toyota, Intel, Microsoft, and KDDI are participating in the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA), and expectations are only rising.

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2022: Ethereum Price Forecast

The 2022 Ethereum price forecast is positive. Many price forecasting agents predict that Bitcoin will basically hit the 4.9 million yen level by the end of the year, about 1.3 times higher than in May 2022. In response to this, many foreign investors think that the cryptocurrency market, which is the main axis of Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, etc., will recover toward the end of the year, although it has been comprehensively damaged by the world situation and the corona disaster. Is shown. ..

In addition, the plunge that was hit hard in May 2022 was just a result of the total depreciation of the cryptocurrency market and the plunge of UST (stablecoin).

According to the price forecast of JPMorgan Chase in the United States, the youth of Ethereum is far superior to the mainstay Bitcoin. We expect that 2025 will gain a lot of trust from investors and increase purchasing needs, but above all, it is advantageous because there is a difference between futures prices and spot prices, which is not easily affected by the downtrend. Shows the view of.

What’s the next Ethereum Bull Run?

Bourlan (bullish market) represents an institution where prices generally rise in crypto assets and other financial markets. Uniformly, the bear market comes first, followed by Bull Run. Ethereum’s largest and largest bullan began on December 5, 2016 and ended on June 12, 2017, lasting 189 days. During this time, Ethereum prices recorded a return of 5745.9%. The compound interest rate of increase is 2.18% per day, which is an astonishing figure.

The second largest bullan is the record-breaking one that lasted 425 days from May 12, 2021. In the past, we have recorded about 15 degrees of blulan, but if we consider these intervals, it will be about 2 to 6 months, so the next blulan will come by the end of 2022. It’s a sign.

2023: Ethereum Price Forecast

As many traders predict that Bitcoin will grow from 8 million yen to 10 million yen in 2023, Ethereum’s price will continue to rise despite the 2021 cryptocurrency recession. There are also many foreign investors who do.

For example, Solana (SOL), Polkadot (DOT), and Ada (ADA) have many parts that are actually superior to Ethereum. However, it is possible that these crypto assets could damage Ethereum’s market value and advantages.

It seems that there is a sign that the asset value of Bitcoin, which controls the high price of Ethereum, will increase in 2023. After 2023, it seems that some countries will officially recognize Bitcoin as legal tender, so the value of Ethereum will increase dramatically. It is also expected that the progress of Ethereum development will rise from 80% to 90% in 2023.

However, while observing the crypto market at Investor Place , we are distant from the possibility of a recession that will shake the financial markets. Consider buying Ethereum with these dissenting opinions in mind.

Re-accumulated with updates

Let’s look back on 2022 again. Ethereum is expected to exceed the $ 4,000 range by the end of 2022. In fact, we are planning a major update to “The Merge” in the second half of 2022. Ethereum 2.0 is a legitimate action as it is released in a transitional order.

Since Ethereum’s algorithm is Pow, it is a difficult point that it consumes a lot of power, but its excellent stability also raises expectations.

2025: Ethereum price long-term forecast

What kind of economy will Ethereum prices have in 2025? According to the British independent newspaper, the price can be expected to rise up to about $ 19,800 in 2025. Smart contracts, which are also Ethereum’s weapons, can be used extensively in the business field as well, so buying for commercial purposes is attracting attention. Bitcoin , which is closely related to the price of Ethereum, is a matter of concern, but it is important to continue to make favorable investments while raising expectations for how long Bitcoin will continue to rise .