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iPhone “Nintendo Switch” Secret update of iOS 16

iPhone “Nintendo Switch” – It is the next OS ” iOS 16 ” of the iPhone announced at WWDC22, but it has been revealed that it is secretly compatible with the controller of the Nintendo Switch.

iOS 16 supports the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con / Pro controller

According to Apple’s specialized US media “MacRumors“, it was found that iOS 16 has added support for the Joy-Con and Pro controllers of the Nintendo Switch.

This feature was confirmed by @rileytestut, the developer of the iOS app.

iOS 16 natively supports the Nintendo Switch Pro controller !!!!

I was able to confirm that it works perfectly with Delta (a video game emulator developed by him) 😍.

In a series of tweets, @rileytestut states that iOS 16 now recognize the left and right controllers as a single controller, or both as one controller at the same time. He said that by holding down the screenshot capture and home button for a few seconds, you can switch between using the Joy-Con individually or as a single controller.

It has also been confirmed that iOS 16 supports Switch’s Pro controller.

@rileytestut was very excited about this, saying, “The iPhone has officially become a switch.” As a matter of fact, if a case that connects the iPhone and Joy-Con appears, it will look almost like a Switch.

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Since iOS 14.5 was released in April 2021, the iPhone also supports PS5 dual sense and Xbox Series X controllers. Although there are still few compatible apps, it seems that it will be possible to use the iPhone instead of Switch if support progresses.

According to Apple, the public beta of iOS 16 will continue in July and will be delivered as an update in the fall. I’m looking forward to seeing what compatible apps and cases will appear before iOS 16 comes out.