Elon Musk Cuts Tesla Hires and Raises Vehicle Prices

Elon Musk Cuts Tesla Hires and Raises Vehicle Prices

Reduction of job postings despite the claim that “the total number of people will increase”… Car price up to $6,000↑

Tesla – As the U.S. economy is struggling with supply chain problems and inflation, electric car maker Tesla has cut hiring and raised electric car prices.

According to data from ‘Syncnum Alternative Data’, a company information providing platform obtained by Reuters on the 16th (local time), the number of job postings on Tesla’s website decreased by 14% from 5,855 at the beginning of this month to 5,11 recently.

Compared to the most recent job posting on the 21st of last month, it dropped by 32%. According to calculations by hedge fund Snow Bull Capital, Tesla job postings worldwide fell 24% in the first week of June and 12% in the second week, respectively.

Separately, more than 20 people who identified themselves as Tesla employees told Reuters last week that they had been temporarily laid off or their jobs had been lost.

Although this is a very small number compared to Tesla’s total workforce of about 100,000, some of them said their layoffs were part of a 10% cut, Reuters said.

On the 2nd of this month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent an email to executives with the subject line ‘Global Recruitment Suspension’, saying about the U.S. economy, “I feel very bad”, suspending all hiring and cutting staff by about 10%. said it should be

In an email sent to employees the next day, he said that many areas of Tesla were overworked and that the number of full-time employees would be reduced.

However, in a post on Twitter on the 4th, he changed the statement, saying, “The total number of employees will increase. However, the number of employees receiving regular salaries (not part-time salaries) will not change significantly.

The Reuters report suggests that, despite Musk’s reversal, Tesla is actually cutting its workforce. Julian Cantu, who was fired after working at Tesla for less than a year, told Reuters that other employees on his team had also been fired.

Meanwhile, according to an economic media insider report, the price of Tesla’s Model X, a semi-large sports utility vehicle (SUV), was $12,990 (about 156 million won), up to a maximum of $6,000 (about 7.74 million won) higher than before.

In addition, the mid-size SUV Model Y long-range model has a price tag of $65,990 plus $3,000, and the long-range models of the Model S and Model 3 sedans also rose by thousands of dollars.

Tesla has raised prices in the U.S. several times this year, with the cheapest model up $10,000 compared to last year, Insider said.

According to Reuters, supply chain problems such as a shortage of semiconductor chips and a surge in raw material prices such as lithium and aluminum used in electric vehicles and batteries had an impact on Tesla’s car price hike.

Musk previously warned that the sharp rise in lithium prices is the main cause of the cost increase and could hinder the growth of the electric vehicle industry.