Best 9 Samsung Laptops in 2022

Samsung Laptops – At one time, Samsung Electronics boasted a high popularity of recommended Samsung notebook products to the extent that it achieved an 80% share in the entire domestic notebook market.

Currently, foreign laptop brands have lost some market share, but thanks to telecommuting and the activation of online classes, demand for laptops has increased significantly. Samsung laptops have also made several changes to their lineup.

Pros and Cons of Recommended Samsung Laptops

Although foreign laptops such as Asus and Gigabyte are increasing their share of the laptop market with excellent features at a relatively low price, the reason why Samsung laptops are still recommended is because their pros and cons are clear.

Samsung Laptop Disadvantages

To be realistic, if you compare Samsung laptops with other overseas laptops with similar specifications, there is a clear price difference.

However, this price difference has narrowed a lot now, so the cost-effectiveness of Samsung laptops has improved a lot in office and document laptops.

In addition, after launching various lineups, Samsung Electronics tends to invest heavily in products with good sales after seeing the market reaction.

Samsung Laptop Advantages

The biggest advantage of Samsung laptops is the convenience of AS. As there is a Samsung AS center in every city in Korea, there is no other brand other than LG that is as convenient as Samsung Electronics in Korea.

Also, because of its unrivaled technological prowess, Samsung showed high sales by introducing a 2in1 laptop using S Pen technology, and the display and battery efficiency are also excellent compared to other laptop brands.

Samsung laptop types

Currently, Samsung laptops can be classified into four types. These are mid-range lineup, lightweight lineup, convertible lineup (2in1 laptop), and gaming lineup.

  • Recommended mid-range Samsung laptops

Among Samsung laptops currently being sold in the mid-low price lineup, the most recent product in the lineup is the ‘Galaxy Book’. In addition, ‘Samsung Notebook Plus 2’ and ‘Samsung Notebook 7’ also belong to the mid- to low-end lineup.

  • Lightweight Samsung Laptop Recommended

If you are looking for a lightweight Samsung laptop, the first product you should know is the ‘Galaxy Book Pro’.

If ‘Galaxy Book Pro’ is a high-end lightweight laptop, there is ‘Galaxy Book Ion 2’ as a general type and ‘Galaxy Book S’ specialized for mobile.

  • 2-in-1 laptop

A 2in1 laptop is a product that can be folded and used like a tablet. It is now also called a convertible laptop.

The Samsung 2in1 laptop that is being sold as the newest and high-end model is the ‘Galaxy Book Pro 360’. As for the previous work, ‘Galaxy Book Flex 2’ is Samsung’s 2in1 laptop.

Lightweight Samsung Laptop Recommended List

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

Samsung’s flagship product with very light weight and thin thickness


  • 15 kg weight
  • 3mm thick
  • excellent durabilityD


  • Difficult to expand RAM after purchase

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is a Samsung laptop that was unveiled at Samsung Unpacked in April 2021. The Galaxy Book Pro is a lineup that is light among the Galaxy Book lineup and can be used by professionals.

Depending on the product, there are a total of two display sizes. The NT935 only has 13.3 inches, while the NT930 has 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch displays.

As for the NT930 lineup, which has the best specifications, based on the specifications, there are many products currently on sale with Windows 11 installed.

The display is equipped with AMOLED with Samsung OLED technology. The color reproduction is very good with DCI-P3 120%, and it has a slim design and low power consumption.

The CPU is an Intel 11th generation i7. Single and multi-benchmark performance improvements over 10th Gen Intel CPUs.

MX450 graphics card can be installed as an option. It is easy to do simple photo and video editing, and it is not too difficult to play a suitable game.

It uses a Gen4 PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD that is faster than a regular PCIe SSD. It reads 1.8 times faster and writes 1.2 times faster than the 3rd generation SSD model.

It weighs 1.15kg and is very light and thin at 13.3mm. Therefore, it is the most recommended product for those who are looking for a portable and lightweight Samsung laptop.

Samsung Galaxy Book S

Samsung Galaxy Book S

Samsung laptop called Galaxy version MacBook


  • very light weight
  • wifi 6
  • 8mm thick


  • non-variety ports

Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Book S is a mobile PC made by combining the advantages of smartphones and laptops. It has a long battery life and is a product that can be used quickly.

It weighs less than 1kg, so it is very light and 11.8mm thick, so it has a very big advantage in portability.

The battery life is 17 hours. This has the advantage of being able to listen to video lectures for a long time without charging as a standard for video playback.

When using outdoors, activating ‘Outdoor Mode’ improves screen brightness up to 600 nits. So there is no problem in using the display even in strong sunlight.

There are UCB-C ports, one on the left and one on the side. So charging is convenient and you can use it conveniently left and right when you need a USB-C connection.

Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Book S, released in 2020, is available in LTE + Wi-Fi models and Wi-Fi only models.

Since it is a mobile tablet, it has the advantage that it is not necessary to shut down the system even if it is not used for a long time.

There was an optimization problem in the early days, but with the Windows update, the optimization has been greatly improved and the intermittent stuttering has also disappeared.

Samsung Galaxy Book

Samsung laptop recommendation for college students as basic model


  • various ports
  • reasonable price


  • Compared to Galaxy Book Pro

Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Book is a product that is faithful to the basics among the various Galaxy Book lineups and provides decent specifications for the price.

CPU specifications are sold in three types. Intel 11th gen i3, i5, i7. In order to get decent performance, we recommend that you purchase a product with at least an i5 or higher CPU.

The display is 15.6-inch in size and supports wide viewing angles with FHD image quality. This provides an immersive experience from any angle.

Since the dual SSD slot is applied, if you feel that storage space is insufficient, you can use an additional SSD slot.

The compatibility between Galaxy products is excellent. With Quick Share, you can quickly transfer photos, videos, and files wirelessly, and use your Samsung tablet as a second screen.

Various ports are supported. The ports supported by the Samsung Galaxy Book include 2 USB-C, HDMI, 2 USB-A, MicroSD, and HP.

RAM upgrade is not possible after purchase. So, please purchase with high RAM from the first purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Book Ion 2

Samsung Galaxy Book Ion 2

Recommended lightweight and cost-effective Samsung Electronics laptop


  • 1190g weight
  • Support for various terminals
  • Fingerprint recognition support


  • A little more, the Galaxy Book Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Book Ion 2 is the predecessor of the Galaxy Book Pro. It was first released in December 2020 and is available in 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch models.

CPUs are divided into i3, i5, and i7, all using 11th generation Intel CPUs. Of these, only the i3 is dual-core, while the i5 and i7 are quad-core.

By default, Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics are used, but some 15.6-inch models have a GeForce MX 450 external graphics card.

As for RAM, the 13.3 inch has onboard LPDDR4x and the 15.6-inch has 8GB or 16GB of DDR4 SDRAM. If possible, it is recommended to purchase in 16GB.

At the time of release, it was the world’s first laptop with QLED. 100% of color volume can be realized and brightness can be adjusted up to 600 nits outdoors.

It is equipped with a wireless charger. So you can wirelessly charge your smart device like the Galaxy Buds or the Galaxy Watch Active2 directly from the touchpad.

USB-C type is used as the input/output terminal, and two USB-A input/output terminals are mounted. In addition to this, there is a sound 3.5mm terminal, HDMI-A terminal, etc.

General Samsung Electronics Laptop Recommendation List

Samsung Notebook Plus 2

Samsung Notebook Plus 2

Affordable Samsung Laptops


  • Can be purchased at a discount of Rs.
  • Ideal for document work


  • low spec

Samsung Electronics Notebook Plus 2 is a notebook equipped with Intel Celoron 6305 CPU and is a standard Samsung notebook with DDR4 memory card and NVMe SSD storage.

In terms of basic performance, it is suitable for video conferencing, image editing, document work, and the Internet.

Weighing 1.81kg, it is a bit heavy to carry around, but it is durable and has a thin bezel of 6.95mm.

HDD and memory upgrades are convenient. The SSD slot is expandable, but it is not compatible with SATA3 SSDs.

The touchpad is nice and wide. The touchpad is wide at 120mm and 82.4mm, and the keycap is also wide, which is convenient when working with documents and videos.

samsung Notebook 7

samsung Notebook 7

Recommended Samsung laptop for office use that can log in with fingerprint recognition


  • fingerprint login
  • various ports


  • 8th Gen Intel CPU

Samsung Electronics Notebook 7 is a product that adds luxury to Dolby Atmos sound with a metal body design.

It is powered by an 8th generation Indel processor and thanks to its dual SSD slots, you can use up to two SSDs.

The aluminum body is durable, and the sides are diamond cut, giving it a lively edge, giving it a luxurious look.

The slim bezel makes the screen appear wider and the entire screen is covered with glass as a glass display.

Because the lattice keyboard design is applied, the keycaps are wide for convenient typing. In addition, it has a backlight function, so it can be used in dark places.

It is equipped with a fingerprint sensor. So you can log in quickly and easily. There is also a secret folder function that is visible when you log in only with the fingerprint sensor.

Supported ports include HDMI, USB-C, 2 USB3.0, micro SD slot, headphone output, etc.

Recommended 2in1 Samsung Electronics Laptop

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360

Samsung’s flagship laptop and convertible PC


  • 360 degree hinge
  • 12th Gen Intel CPU
  • S Pen compatible


  • expensive price

Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 is a 2 in 1 laptop that supports convertible mode from Samsung’s flagship model, the Galaxy Book 2 Pro.

The 360-degree rotation hinge is applied and the Real S Pen is also available, so you can take notes using the S Pen just like a tablet.

It is durable enough to pass the US military standard specifications. In other words, it has passed the standards of drop, low temperature, high temperature, thermal shock, vibration, dust, humidity, altitude, and shock.

It is equipped with a 12th generation Intel CPU and the graphics card is Intel Iris XE. And with SPDDR5 memory and advanced cooling system, the cooling efficiency is excellent.

The display panel is Super AMOLED, which supports very good display performance. The color volume is 120%, very vivid and responsive, and the blue light level is low.

It has an FHD camera mounted as a webcam with auto framing and two-way noise canceling to eliminate ambient and other party noises as well.

The security features are excellent. I am using a Secured-Core PC, and secure security is possible down to the firmware and hardware level.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 2

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 2

Samsung 2in1 laptop with good value for money


  • battery 20 hours
  • S Pen support
  • AKG sound


  • Up a notch with the Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360

Although Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Book Flex2 was pushed by its successor, the Galaxy Book Pro 360, it is a good product as a 2in1 laptop due to the large price difference.

Since it supports the S Pen, you can use it as a tablet using the pen. The handwriting feels great and it’s far away from the laptop, so you can use gesture recognition within 10m.

It is equipped with a QLED display. So the picture quality is very good and it can be said that it is close to the real color. In addition, the brightness can be adjusted up to 600 nits, so you can see clearly even outdoors.

Because it is equipped with 11th generation Intel Core processor, it is not lacking in performance and you can use Wi-Fi 6 at high speed wireless Internet.

The battery performance is excellent. The charging speed is fast and easy, and the large-capacity battery allows you to use the laptop for a long time. You can also use the touchpad to wirelessly charge your smart device.

Samsung Gaming Laptop Recommendations

Samsung Galaxy Book Odyssey

Samsung Galaxy Book Odyssey

Premium Samsung Gaming Laptop Recommendations


  • Samsung’s Best Gaming Laptops
  • RTX 3050 series graphics card installed
  • 86 kg weight


  • expensive price

Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Book Odyssey is Samsung’s gaming laptop product, and it meets the specifications that can be called a gaming laptop among the Galaxy Book series.

It was first unveiled at the Unpacked event in 2021 and weighs 1.85 kg and is 17.7 mm thick.

Full HD resolution on the 15.6-inch LCD display. The CPU is an Intel 11th generation i5 or i7 processor, and DDR4x RAM is available up to 32GB.

The graphics card is equipped with a GeForce RTX 3050 MAX-Q or RTX 3050 Ti MAX-Q. It also has 4GB of GDDR6 VRAM, so you can enjoy any game at a frame rate of 60fps or higher.

RAM can be expanded with SO-DIMM slots and SSD storage is available up to 1TB. SSD expandability is excellent as it supports up to two PCIe NAME SSD slots.