Zoom to Commercialize Apps SDK Worldwide

Zoom to Commercialize Apps SDK Worldwide

Zoom announced the worldwide commercialization of the ‘Zoom Apps SDK’, which provides resources and support infrastructure for developing Zoom apps within the Zoom client.

Developers will now be able to showcase their apps to Zoom customers through the Zoom Apps SDK, and users will be able to add and experience new apps in the same Zoom client experience as before. To date, Zoom, together with its developer partners, has launched and provides more than 100 Zoom apps in multiple areas, including meeting productivity, team collaboration, social networking, and gaming.

Apps SDK includes: ▲Apps to the Zoom App Marketplace, which can reach Zoom users around the world, and the Zoom client, which can install apps during Zoom meetings; ▲Expand new apps within Zoom meetings to build collaboration experiences; provides opportunities such as building immersive meeting experiences and expands developer capabilities.

The Zoom Apps SDK is a JavaScript SDK that provides access to Zoom client features, such as setting a virtual wallpaper, while also providing an app context for interaction. Fundamentally, it adopts a method of identifying the meeting context with identifiers for users and meetings, and these identifiers are used with comprehensive API endpoints such as REST APIs and webhooks on the Zoom developer platform to provide an enhanced app experience. The Zoom Apps SDK will enable businesses to enhance the immersive experience in Zoom meetings and asynchronous collaboration experiences in the Zoom desktop environment.

“Businesses are constantly looking for ways to scale their businesses and workflows to meet customer needs,” said Brandon Ittelsson, Zoom CTO. As a result, developers also need access to the resources necessary to develop apps with innovative specifications and functions. It shows that we are supporting it to completely change the business workflow.”