Best Forex Robots In 2022 for Trader

Best Forex Robots In 2022 for Trader

There are hundreds if not thousands of providers that offer forex robots. Most seemingly surprising results.

That said, having been warned extensively about the potential pitfalls of choosing the wrong forex robot. Now, we will list the top 5 forex robots to consider in 2022.

1. FX Fury

Forex Fury

This should be one of the most popular forex robots on our list. It trades daily with a low risk and high methodological strategy. The maximum number of trades at one time is 7 and trades are only open for a short time.

FX Fury is a time-limited scalper and runs according to the M15 timetable. Especially in the last few years, these robots have shown their ability to adapt to the latest currency pairs.

At the time of writing, the platform has over two automatic updates and it continues to grow. The robot provider offers unlimited demos for each license, so you can test as many as you like.

You may want your forex robot to act as a ‘fact checker’ in your trading efforts. But here are a few other things to expect from the FX Fury robot:

  • Average win rate 93%.
  • Backtesting increased by 466,725% over 15 years.
  • 10 trades or less.
  • Compatible with MT4 brokers.
  • Developed for 5 years.
  • 100% verified live Myfxbook account.

More than 2,500 people run FX Fury from their accounts every day, with more updates added each year, as are the most popular forex robot providers.

  • Compatible with MT4
  • 93% win rate
  • Results confirmed via Myfxbook

2. Forex Stream 10

Forex Steam

Forex Steam 10 is fully automated. You can download the forex robot and start trading right out of the box.

If you are a little more advanced in the forex trading market, you can configure and optimize the robot very easily to trade on your own specific conditions. This allows you to retain some control, but allows you to use the forex robot only where you need it.

The Forex Steam robot appears to be constantly growing accounts and is considered very reliable and reliable. Of course, there are no guarantees in Forex trading, but having a loyal customer base is a good sign for any business.

The platform offers regular free updates, which means more potential profitability for customers. Some of the best Forex Steam features included in this Forex robot are:

  • Adjustments to risk compensation.
  • Verified results.
  • One price – different versions.
  • 3,000+ active clients per day.
  • Average win rate of 75%.
  • Avoid bad trades by using ‘max spreads’.
  • Improved trailing stops for a better run.
  • Major market revisions after 2022.

There is also a lightweight version of the Forex Robot option for those who prefer to grow their portfolio steadily over the long term. This platform is one of the cheapest on the market.

  • 75% average win rate
  • Claimed to attract 3,000 new customers every day
  • simple pricing structure

3. Binary Strategy Forex Robot

Binary Strategy

Interestingly, the creators of Binary Strategy Forex Robot are real coders and traders. As the name suggests, this forex robot focuses on the binary options market. This is one market where broker scammers seem particularly high.

However, this forex robot offers two strategies built around divergence: ‘Courage’ and ‘Spirit’. Instead of selling two separate products, they doubled.

In general, these strategies are compatible with most brokers. When it comes to binary options, many product developers can ignore offering trading results. Therefore, third-party websites such as Myfxbook may not be able to host these results.

The Binary Strategy forex robot, on the other hand, provides daily results via charts on the web page. They also use detailed backtesting techniques for MetaTrader 4. This means that the system has been fully tested for years before starting to trade.

Here is a small breakdown of what you can expect from this forex robot.

  • Forex Robot Type: Binary Options.
  • Price: Less than $200.
  • All pairs available.
  • M15 period (expiration time 15 minutes).
  • Average win rate of 70-95%.
  • price under $200
  • Currently available for pair trading
  • Average win rate between 70% -95%

4. Forex Astrobot

Forex Astrobot

This forex robot is 100% automated and claims that traders can earn as much as $16,000 per month. Forex Astrobot was created by a famous Forex trader named Rita Lasker.

This MT4 forex robot allows you to trade through H1, M30 and M15 periods and includes all currency pairs.

You will be notified of new trade possibilities via 4 options: MT3 pop-up notification, mobile push notification or email.

There is also a money management function that allows you to change the size of the lot when market conditions are favorable.

It has a built-in algorithm called ‘sleep page’ when price values ​​change rapidly. Slippage can prevent you from trading with the wrong parameters.

Depending on the current market, this robot’s TakeProfit technology offers up to three take profit levels. Other things to expect from Forex Astrobot include:

  • Average win rate up to 80%.
  • M15, M30 and H1 periods.
  • All pairs available.
  • Cost – from $100 to approximately $230 (for ‘final version’).
  • trailing stop strategy.
  • 24/7 support.

The platform also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, it doesn’t matter why you want to quit.

  • 24/7 support available
  • They claim an average win rate of up to 80%.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

5. Robo Master EU

Robo Master EU

This group has 8 indicators and 3 forex robots: Big Fish, EA Trade Machine and Rocket EA. All three are ‘scalping’ robots and cost between 97 and 199 euros.

There is not much background information about this forex robot, but we will do a small analysis of each of the 3 forex robots.

EA Trade Machine

This is the second forex robot created by the group and is also a scalping platform. There are no details about the strategies you can use for this forex robot.

Forex robots come with pre-determined setups, step-by-step user instructions and support. The price tag for this platform is 199 euros for unlimited and 149 euros for standard.

EA Trade Machine promises to:

  • M5 period.
  • Pacific, Asia and US session trading hours.
  • 7 currency pairs.
  • 20% – 50% potential profit per month.
  • The strategy is stated as ‘trading in the direction of global trends’.
  • (channel trading).

Rocket EA

This forex robot is recommended by the Robomaster EU team for professional scalping. You can buy an unlimited license for €199 or a single license for €149. Rocket EA includes an in-depth manual, 24/7 customer support and pre-optimized setup files.

The Rocket EA forex robot trades 12 currency pairs at the same time, allowing you to spread your risk. There are 12 separate backtests when it comes to trading results.

Some of the features provided by Rocket EA include:

  • We trade 24 days a week, 5 hours a day.
  • Asian trading hours.
  • 10% – 20% potential profit.
  • 15 currency pairs for trading.
  • M15 period.

Big Fish EA

This forex robot is made for all market conditions and aims to provide stable returns by utilizing flexible algorithms.

The Big Fish EA robot costs €120 for the unlimited version and €97 for the single. Like the other two in this group, it comes with detailed documentation, filest setup and support.

The provider has summarized what is being offered and says:

We trade 24 days a week, 5 hours a day.

  • Created for USD/JPY trading.
  • 10% – 50% profit potential.
  • Trade in a bear market (depending on the direction of the trend).
  • M5 period.

Unfortunately there are no trading results for this forex robot.

  • 3 robots to choose from
  • fair pricing model
  • Many Forex Strategies Included

Final Thoughts

As I said before, forex robots are a great way to trade forex without having to spend months or years learning how to trade. Technology is so advanced that forex robots can buy and sell for you while you live a busy life.

However, there are many scam providers active in this space, so always proceed with caution. Fortunately, all forex robots listed on this page are from legitimate providers. However, if you decide to deviate from this list, you should always do your research first.

Crucially, utilizing a demo account, money-back guarantee and free trial is a reasonable way to get a feel for the forex robot before giving up your hard-earned cash.

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