Erol Musk and Elon Musk

Who is Errol Musk and why did Elon Musk call him a terrible human?

No matter how civilized the world is, there are certain behaviors that will forever be considered immoral. South African engineer Errol Musk hit the airwaves after sexually defiling his stepdaughter and gave birth to a child in the process. Nevertheless, the great Engineer has a record of several extramarital affairs behind him, which further worsened his relationship with his children, especially his son Elon Musk, which he felt fit to refer to his dad as a terrifying human being.

Despite his famous lifestyle, Errol Musk is recognized worldwide as a skilled pilot, competent sailor and outstanding engineer. More importantly, he is the father of Elon Musk, a renowned engineer, tech entrepreneur and co-founder of SpaceX, Neuralink, ‘Tesla, Inc, and PayPal. This article will lead us through his petty personal life into a strange relationship with his children.

Who is Errol Musk

Errol Musk has a South African father – Walter Henry James and an English mother – Cora Amelia Robinson. He was born Errol Graham Musk in 1946 in Transvaal Pretoria, South Africa, and grew up with his brother Michael James.

His initial education took place at Waterkloof, where he attended Brian Stone High School before graduating from Boyce High School in Pretoria and then House Prep School. In 1989, against his father’s wishes, young Errol immigrated to Canada at the age of 17, attending Queen’s University, where all citizens served compulsory in South Africa. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in Business and Physics in 1992 with a BA in Economics, followed by a second BSC in Physics. When he left Pennsylvania, Errol Musk pursued his doctorate. He studied Energy Physics at Stanford University in California. Coincidentally, he was dropped from Stanford after joining a moving train a few days after the start of the internet boom, and he soon started his debut company known as Zip2 Corporation.

By the time he was 30, Errol Musk was already a Canadian woman, whom he married in 1970, to his high school girlfriend Maye Haldeman, who made a living as a model and nutritionist. The next year, exactly on June 28, 1971, the duo welcomed their first child, a son named Elon Musk, and a year later Elon became Kimbal’s brother, and in 1974 they joined her older sister Tosca. Participating in directing and producing the film, Kimbal made a name for himself as an entrepreneur, restaurateur and philanthropist.

Errol Musk and his first wife Maye officially divorced in 1979 and began their second marriage to Heide Marie, a widow of three children. Errol went on to have two more daughters with Asha “Rose” Musk and Alexandra “Ali” Musk.

While wealth is being pumped up, Errol Musk has made some really huge acquisitions, including private jets, yachts and luxury homes. He became the owner of many mines, as well as several natural resources and infrastructure. The eminent engineer spent most of his spare time in the lavish homes he obtained, especially in Waterkloof, a luxurious neighborhood in Pretoria.

Why did Elon Musk call him a terrible human?

Errol Musk has always had a tense relationship with his family, especially his first son Elon, who has referred to his father as a terrible human being in several interviews. However, after Errol’s first marriage, the bad blood between father and son was stripped away, and although things were aggravated by his approach to life and scandal, a stroke that struck a camel’s back is his disastrous revelation of giving birth to a child for his stepdaughter Yana.

You’d be right to think about that. Errol became Jana’s stepfather at the age of four. Her famous engineer prevented her from seeing any more than her child who deserved her protection. Errol initially kept the affair secret, but later decided to disclose information and revelations that Jana’s child, Elliot Rush, whom he believed his ex-boyfriend was the father, was actually Errol Musk’s son. He later claimed that she never saw Jana as her stepdaughter when she grew up outside her family, claiming that she tried to justify his horrific behavior. A horrific revelation ended Jana’s mom and Errol’s 18-year-old marriage.

Errol Musk’s guilt doesn’t end with his stepdaughter, he’s a pesky series of mistresses, who once faced criminal charges and even got fired by some robbers who tried to rob a house. Elon still feels her sympathy for her father, despite all her bad feelings for her father. He believes that the old man is lonely and sad.