Toyota Crown 2023

Toyota Launches 16th Generation, Toyota Crown D-3

Toyota will launched the 16th generation Toyota Crown for the first time on the 15th (local time). Crown, which has been protecting for about 70 years as a semi-large sedan exclusively for the Japanese domestic market, is changing to a crossover and SUV instead of a sedan for the first time in the face of a generational change, and declares once again entering the overseas market.

Crown, which dominated the Japanese luxury car market from the first generation in 1955 to the 15th generation in 2018, heralded a drastic transformation. Instead of the sedan design that has been adhered to for nearly 70 years since its first appearance, it follows the global trend and switches to crossovers and SUVs.

The new car, whose design part was leaked through the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) website last month, is a crossover that is taller than a sedan and has a roof cut like a four-door coupe, and has a similar appearance to the new 408 Peugeot recently introduced.

According to Japanese media, the 16th generation Toyota Crown will be applied with front-wheel drive and electronic all-wheel drive systems based on the TNGA-K platform that Toyota and Lexus are using together, and gasoline and hybrid powertrains will come to the fore.

Thanks to the latest platform, the size is even bigger. The 16th-generation Crown is larger than the current 15th-generation, with a length of 4930 mm, a width of 1840 mm, a height of 1540 mm, and a wheelbase of 2850 mm.

The first SUV bearing the Crown name will also be launched in 2023, the year following its release. According to Reuters, Toyota is planning to introduce the Crown lineup in two types: a crossover and an SUV, with a similar size and the same powertrain as the SUV Highlander sold in North America.