natural gas market

Natural Gas Market Continues to Show Volatility

During Tuesday’s trading session, the natural gas market fluctuated back and forth due to constant noisy activity.

Technical Analysis of Natural Gas

Given that it is currently slightly above the 50-day EMA, the natural gas market was very active during Tuesday’s trading session. There is a lot of sugar in this market as it is a very narrow industry even in the best conditions. The bullshit between Russians and Europeans has fluctuated the natural gas market, and now that Russia has essentially cut Germany off natural gas, we can expect this market to rise. However, most individuals are unaware that this market exists in the United States.

There was a point in time when people had fantasies about the US providing all the LNG to the European Union. But the truth is far from that. Because moving liquefied natural gas is extremely difficult, Americans lack the processing power to make it possible. The significant sell-off we’ve seen in the market before is proof of that realization. Because of this, I think we should ultimately see some kind of bounce, and as far as I can tell, it’s almost peaked. There may be significant resistance to the previous uptrend line, especially when it crosses the $8.00 level.

Yes, the US is experiencing a heat wave and demand is growing. That said, the truth is that our eventual collapse is inevitable. Because very simply, supply and demand will drive it. There is no doubt that the United States has large reserves of natural gas .