Tanzu Application Platform

Tanzu Application Platform v1.0

Tanzu Application Platform Overview

The VMware Tanzu Application Platform is a modular, application-aware platform that provides a rich set of developer tools and a packaged path to production to quickly and securely build and deploy software on any compatible public cloud or on-premises Kubernetes cluster.

The Tanzu application platform provides a superior developer experience for businesses building and deploying cloud-native applications on Kubernetes. This allows application teams to get to production faster by automating the source-to-production pipeline. Clearly define the roles of developers and operators so they can collaborate and consolidate their efforts.

The Tanzu application platform includes elements that enable developers to quickly start building and testing applications, regardless of their familiarity with Kubernetes.

Operations teams can make these considerations virtually invisible to developers by creating application scaffolding templates with built-in security and compliance guardrails. Starting with a template, developers get a URL to convert their source code into a container and test their app in minutes.

After the container is built, a container update occurs automatically whenever there is a new code commit or dependency patch. And, thanks to our internal API management portal, it’s never been easier than ever to connect to other applications and data, no matter how they’re built or what kind of infrastructure they’re running.

As customers create supply chains, the Tanzu application platform can be used to simplify workflows in both the inner and outer loops of Kubernetes-based app development.

  • Inner Loop:

The inner loop describes the developer’s code iteration development cycle.

Inner loop activities include coding, testing, and debugging before committing.

On cloud-native or Kubernetes platforms, developers in inner loops often deploy container images to their development environment by building container images and connecting their apps to all necessary services and APIs.

  • Outer Loop:

Outer loop describes how an operator deploys an app to production and maintains the app over time.

On cloud-native platforms, outer-loop activities include building container images, adding container security, and configuring continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

Outer-loop activities are difficult in Kubernetes-based development environments due to the app serving platform, which consists of a variety of third-party and open-source components with different configuration options.

  • Supply Chain and Configuration:

The Tanzu application platform uses choreography patterns inherited from the context of microservices and applies them to continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) to create a production path.

The supply chain provides a way to code every step of the production path or step commonly known as CI/CD. Supply chains differ from CI/CD in that you can add all the steps your application needs to get to production or sub-environments.

To address the developer experience gap, the production path allows users to create a unified point of access to all the tools their applications need to reach a customer-facing experience.

Instead of having four tools loosely coupled to each other, the production path defines all four tools in a single unified abstraction layer. If tools are not usually able to integrate with each other and require additional scripting or webhooks, the integrated automation tool will code all interactions between each tool.

The Tanzu application platform provides a set of basic components that automatically push apps to staging and production on Kubernetes, eliminating the problems of both inner and outer loops. Operators can also customize the platform by replacing Tanzu application platform components with other products.

The following packages are part of the Tanzu application platform.

  • Portal API

The API Portal for VMware Tanzu allows API consumers to discover APIs that can be used in their applications.

Consumers can view the detailed API documentation to see if the API is being used to meet their needs. The API portal combines a dashboard with detailed API documentation views by collecting OpenAPI documentation from source URLs. The API portal operator can add any number of OpenAPI source URLs to display in a single instance.

  • Application Accelerator

The Application Accelerator component assists app developers and app operators with the creation and creation of application accelerators.

Accelerators are templates that organize best practices and keep important configurations and structures in place from the start. Developers can bootstrap their applications and start developing features immediately.

Application operators can create custom accelerators that reflect their desired architecture and configuration, and can be used by multiple developers, reducing operator concerns about whether developers are implementing the desired best practices.

  • Application Live View for VMware Tanzu Application

Live View is a simple insight and troubleshooting tool that helps application developers and application operators look inside running applications.

It is based on the concept of Spring Boot Actuators. Basically, your application uses an endpoint (in this case, an HTTP endpoint) to provide information inside a running process. Application Live View uses these endpoints to get data from and interact with applications.

  • Cloud Native Runtimes

for Tanzu Cloud Native Runtimes for Tanzu is a serverless application runtime for Kubernetes that is based on Knative and runs on a single Kubernetes cluster. For information about Knative, see the Knative document Cloud Native Runtimes Features included with VMware Tanzu Advanced Edition and VMware Tanzu Application Platform.

  • Convention Service

The Convention Service provides a means for people in operations roles to express their hard-earned knowledge and opinions about how to run apps on Kubernetes as conventions. The convention service applies these comments to a fleet of developer workloads when deployed on the platform, saving operator and developer time.

  • Developer Rules

Developer rules organize workloads to prepare them for inner loop development. A “deploy and forget” component for developers. After being installed on a cluster using the Tanzu package CLI, developers do not need to interact directly. Instead, developers interact with Tanzu Developer Tools for VSCode IDE extensions or Tanzu CLI app plugins that rely on developer conventions to modify their workloads to enable inner-loop functionality.

  • The main role of the Flux Source Controller

source management component is to provide a common interface for acquiring artifacts.

  • Grype

is a vulnerability scanner for container images and filesystems.

  • The Services

Toolkit consists of several Kubernetes basic components that enable the management, lifecycle, discoverability, and connectivity of service resources (databases, message queues, DNS records, etc.) in Kubernetes.

  • Supply Chain Choreographer for Tanzu

Supply Chain Choreographer is based on the open source Cartographer. This allows app operators to integrate Kubernetes resources with elements of existing toolchains such as Jenkins to create pre-approved production paths.

Each pre-approved supply chain creates a packaged production path. Orchestrate supply chain resources such as test, build, scan, and deploy, freeing developers to focus on delivering value to users, while providing app operators with the peace of mind that all code in production has passed every step of the approved workflow. do. .

  • Supply Chain Security tools for Tanzu – Scan

VMware Supply Chain Security for Tanzu – Scan enables Tanzu customers to build and deploy secure and reliable software that meets enterprise security requirements.

To make this possible, Supply Chain Security Tools – Scan provides scanning and gatekeeping capabilities that applications and DevSecOps teams can easily integrate early in the production path. This is an established industry best practice to reduce security risks and ensure more effective treatment.

  • Supply Chain Security tools for Tanzu – Store Supply Chain Security

Tools – Store stores your software bill of materials (BOM) in a database and allows you to query images, sources, packages, and vulnerability relationships. Supply Chain Security Tools – Integrates with scans to automatically save result sources and image vulnerability reports.

  • Tanzu Application Platform GUI

The Tanzu Application Platform GUI allows developers to view the applications and services running in their organization. Provides a central location for viewing dependencies, relationships, technical documentation, and service status. The Tanzu application platform GUI was built from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s project Backstage.

  • Tanzu Build Service

Tanzu Build Service uses the open source Cloud Native Buildpacks project to convert application source code into container images.

The Build Service runs reproducible builds that meet the latest container standards and keeps your images up to date. Leverage the Kubernetes infrastructure with kpack, the Cloud Native Buildpacks platform, to orchestrate the image lifecycle.

The kpack CLI tool, kp, can help you manage your kpack resources. Build Service enables you to securely develop and automate containerized software workflows at scale.

  • Tanzu Developer Tools for VSCode Tanzu Developer Tools for

Visual Studio Code is the official VMware Tanzu IDE extension for VSCode that helps you develop code using the Tanzu application platform. VSCode extensions enable live updates of applications while they are running on the cluster and allow you to debug applications directly on the cluster.

  • Tekton

Tekton is a powerful and flexible open source framework for creating CI/CD systems that enables developers to build, test, and deploy on cloud providers and on-premises systems.

Installation Profile for Tanzu Application Platform v1.0

The Tanzu application platform is available in predefined profiles or in individual packages.

The following profiles are available on the Tanzu application platform:

  • Light:

Contains packages that drive the Inner Loop personal developer experience of building and iterating applications.

  • Full:

This profile includes all Tanzu application platform packages.

Tanzu Application Platform v1.0 Installation Notes

To install the Tanzu Application Platform Profile, see Installing the Tanzu Application Platform .

Telemetry Collection Notifications for Tanzu Application Platform

The Tanzu application platform participates in the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP). As part of the CEIP, VMware collects technical information about your organization’s use of VMware products and services in connection with your organization’s VMware license keys. For information on CEIP, see the Trust and Assurance Center. You can join or leave CEIP at any time. The CEIP standard engagement level provides information that provides VMware with advice on how to improve products and services, identify and fix issues, and best deploy and use VMware products. For example, this information can help you troubleshoot issues by discussing pre-deployment of the product with your VMware account team or VMware support team. This information cannot directly identify an individual.

You must acknowledge that you have read the VMware CEIP policy before proceeding with the installation. For more information, see Install Tanzu Application Platform Profile in Installation II: Profile. To opt out of participating in telemetry after installation, see Opt out of telemetry collection.