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7 Must Have Apps for Android and iOS

I can write a lot about the phone for a living, but I’m surprisingly low in stature when it comes to using so many different apps. Rather, it has a core suite of apps included with several phones, including the best Apps for Android and iOS.

My focus on smartphones tends to focus on basic functions such as display settings and camera modes rather than using them as platforms for various apps. With that in mind, the following apps are my essentials, and the ones I install first when I set up my smartphone anew, or that pop up on my home screen.

7 Apps for Android and iOS You Must Have

Google Maps – Apps for Android and iOS

google maps

This is probably the most obvious app for everyone. But while it’s built into almost every Android phone, Google Maps is the first app I’ll install on my new iOS device. Apple Maps has come a long way over the past few years and is a perfectly decent service. But Google Maps hasn’t disappointed me yet, and I think it’s the best map service.

The killer feature of Google Maps for me is a timeline that I don’t think privacy-conscious people will like. If you allow Google Maps to do so, the timeline tracks where you’ve been since the feature was activated in the app.

As someone who walks a lot through the winding streets of London, I’ve found this feature to be an excellent feature that makes me reminisce about where I was while wandering mindlessly, especially when the timeline was synchronized across multiple devices. And it is very useful to find out where I was in the morning after an evening of heavy drinking.

Google Drive

google drive

I hate wasting time on my commute, so Google Drive and related apps like Documents, Sheets, Keep, and more can help you be more productive on the go.  In addition to being able to access shared files and documents on the train, the Google Storage and Productivity apps work pretty well on your smartphone, even when you’re offline.

Thanks to Google Drive and Docs, I used to be trapped on the infamous London Underground centre line, watching simple comment articles or chewing on presentations. Then, with a stable Internet connection, everything syncs and you can continue working on your laptop when you’re in the office.

Of course, this isn’t the most exciting app, but it’s a huge addition to my work life and is absolutely essential for me, given that it crosses over Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows Google Drive.



Speaking of commuting to work, Spotify is the most used app for listening to music on the go, because above all, you can download a lot of albums and playlists. Of course, many streaming-focused music services now allow you to download tracks. However, because of my familiarity with Spotify and its extensive music, it has become the music app of my choice.

I am grateful that Spotify may have lost some positive emotions recently. But for me, the appeal lies in how easy it is to use with its rather impressive music recommendation algorithm and all kinds of smart speakers and services. Connecting music to your Sonos One and then switching to Google Nest Hub is pretty simple.

Spotify’s cross-platform characteristics are also outstanding. This means that you can use it on a variety of devices that aren’t available on devices like Apple Music. New features such as adding lyrics and karaoke mode sprinkle icing on Spotify cake.



Sticking to a great commuter app, Amazon’s Kindle app is fantastic at a time when you don’t have to write articles on the go. Not only does Kindle offer a lot of eBooks, but it also offers magazines, so you can subscribe to its sister publication, PC Gamer.

The Kindle app isn’t perfect and can be a bit tricky to provide navigation options, but it depends on where you tap the app, but the ability to sync between devices and turn magazines into a simple text view works really well. There is also an Audible integration that I haven’t actually tried. However, the way the Kindle works on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 as it does on my iPhone 13 Pro is not a problem if you are using the eBook app.



I’m food greedy and I love food delivery apps. And the service I chose is Deliveroo. While not intended for American readers, Deliveroo is excellent for those who live in London.

Not only are there numerous restaurants in Deliveroo, but it’s also really easy to find good food, from local pizza takeout to gourmet burgers to Thai food. And during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, Deliveroo helped restaurants survive by providing deliveries and staying sane with hearty meals and staying overweight.

There’s no shortage of food delivery apps, but Deliveroo stood out to me because of its clean user interface, the option for Amazon Prime members to get premium Deliveroo Plus services for free, and real-time order tracking. The only caveat is that it’s so easy to use that I’ve spent a little money on deliveries over the last 2 years and have a much larger waistline.



Otter is a tool for journalists, but its AI-powered recording and transcription services are also useful for anyone who needs to take notes in a meeting, interview, or lecture.  If you’re in a free, easy-to-use, and not too noisy place, you’ll get a very accurate transcript of your interview or keynote. You don’t have to take notes at a fast pace.

Smart apps aren’t perfect and you may struggle with accented English. But otherwise I’d say it’s a great transcription tool and an absolutely essential app for journalists.



It may be that I’m revealing too much about myself here, but as someone who isn’t in a relationship, I use dating apps a lot. That’s how you meet people in big cities these days. And I think Hinge is one of the best dating apps out there.

I really like the neat interface and design. Hinge can make your profile picture look great without overusing it. And while there are good conversation prompts and preference options, you won’t have to pay for premium features all the time.

Hinge is still subject to standard dating app practices that can be a bit of a numbers game with a conversation going off or a favorite out of nowhere. But my experience with it led to a good (ahem) dating moment, and it became one of the most likely apps to download after the apps listed above.

Those are 7 Must-Have Apps for Android and iOS. Hope this article helps you in finding the best apps for Android and iOS.