Download Best Free Android Apps for Mobile

Download Best Free Android Apps for Mobile

Hello guys, I’m here with some amazing Android apps that enhance your Android experience. These are all apps available on play store and I will provide you with links for each app after review. As you know, we always bring you lots of cool Android apps and you all love the Android apps articles so without wasting any more time, you can jump into the subject.

Slow Motion on android

I will suggest an excellent app that helps you to create slow motion videos on your Android phone. This app is very light and available for free on play store. This app not only makes slow motion videos but also reverses videos and contains many other features.


Effectum Video Editor App lets you edit or record videos from your gallery and publish them on Android. Get this powerful yet user-friendly movie maker to share on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Telegram and more.

Cut Cut

Cut cut is the latest Android app to make your pictures very amazing. This app works like a photo editor but the awesome filters of this app are just awesome. If you like to use Instagram and post lots of pictures on insta and you don’t know how to edit pictures in photoshop, this app definitely helps you.

Best Features

  • User Friendly UI.
  • Just drag and drop, you can easily customize your media segments.
  • Sleek and stylish bookshelf organizer shows your movies.
  • UI supports landscape and portrait mode.
  • Make a different movie, make a different video. Supports Different Resolutions and Aspect Ratios, including SQUARE (1:1), SD (4:3), HD (16:9), and even Portrait Mode. Supports ADDING UP TO SIX Different media types for movie projects: video, photos (either from album or camera), as well as SELF-DRAW, text, music, and sound.

OTP SMS Reader

This app is otp reader and helps you to find otp if someone sends you automatically. This app reads One Time Password (OTP) text messages from Different providers and displays them in full screen. So very easy to use this app, but very useful.

In Conclusion:

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