Post Credit Scene

How to Tell if a Movie Has a Post Credits Scene?

No one ever cared about the credits until Marvel started dropping breadcrumbs for their sequel and then most other Hollywood studios followed suit. It’s always a mystery if a movie has a movie unless it’s Marvel you can either wait for the credits to come out or you can just use an app to find out if it’s worth the effort or not keep your pee for the credit scene. Let’s get started.

While you can always find information about the post credits scene with a simple google search it’s good to have a dedicated app if you’re interested in watching the movie within a few days of its release.

Should I Wait?

Should Wait is a great community-powered voting app that tells you if a movie has a post-credits scene. You will get an overview of the movie, its cast, ratings and release date as a general overview of the movie. Along with that, the app allows you to find and vote for movies as well as movies with scenes during and after the attribution.

To check if a movie has a post-credits scene, install the app on your phone from the Play Store and Run the app. The app lists the latest releases at the top, and you’ll most likely find the movie on the front page. However, you can always use the search bar at the top to find any particular movie.

Click on any movie tile and it will open a page where you can watch the movie trailer, get the release date etc with two voting charts. It shows a histogram for the scenes present during and after the credits end. You can even vote and make polls more consistent. Just tap the vote button at the bottom right and tap yes or no for both the scene during and after the credits. To prevent spam voting, you can only vote once, the app doesn’t increase the number of hits even if you try again.

Should I wait is a good app where users can participate in the creation of polls, which in my opinion is great. However, this can be a bad thing when not liking crowds is a thing now , obviously. ‘Should I Wait’ is free for Android and available on the Play Store.


MediaStinger is another popular movie app that shows you post-credits scene information. This app is one step ahead of ‘Should I wait’ as it gives you information about movies, games, news, reviews and trailers. You get key details of a movie like user rating, release date etc.

Not only does it provide yes or no poll results, you also get a brief description of the ending credit screen. Don’t worry, you won’t accidentally stumble across spoilers as the credits scene description is hidden under a show more tag and if you really want to read the scene you’ll have to tap the ‘+’ button to read more about the scene.

At the bottom of the page, it tells you whether or not you should stay in the post-credits scene. The poll for this movie is user-recommended and gives you a clear indication that the credits section is worth staying. You can also take part in polls and voice your opinion by tapping the yes or no button at the bottom. MediaStinger is free on the Play Store and App Store.

After Credit

So we’ve provided apps for both Android and iOS but wouldn’t it be nice if we had an app to check out the post-credits scene right from the Apple Watch? The After Credits app lets you watch an End-credits movie poll. The app is available for iOS and users vote if the movie has a credit scene. Just like ‘Should I Wait’, it also collects voting results from users and updates the movie list. You can vote if you’ve seen the movie to help other viewers and even add movie titles to the app if you can’t find the movie.

The best thing about this app is that it is also available on Apple Watch. So you don’t even have to take out your phone to quickly check if the current movie has a post-credits scene? After Credits is only available for iOS for $0.99 on the App Store.

Check if the movie has a post credits scene

Here are three apps you can use to find out if the next movie you’re going to watch has a post credits scene. Should I Wait is the simplest app where polls are user based and only show yes or no results. MediaStinger is a more comprehensive app where you get more information and a brief description of the credit scene. After Credits is like Should I Wait but for iOS and you get Apple Watch support, this is awesome. What do you think of these apps and will you use them next time you go to the movies? Tell us in the comments below. Roll the credits.