How to edit photos on Samsung Galaxy Phones

How to edit photos on Samsung Galaxy phones

The Samsung Gallery Apps are one of the best native gallery apps. It brings stiff competition to many third-party gallery apps. Not only does it work well as a gallery app, but it also offers cool photo editing capabilities on Samsung Galaxy phones. You can crop photos, add photos to other photos, resize them, change background effects and more. Let’s discover how to edit photos on Samsung Galaxy phones using Samsung Gallery.

Tips for editing photos in Samsung gallery

You’ll find most of the editing options when you tap the Edit icon on the photo.

1. Crop the image

You can cut freely or choose from the standard options available. Open the photo to crop in Samsung Gallery and tap the Edit icon. By default, the photo will open free crop mode. Use the photo edges to crop the photo according to your need.

To crop at standard size, tap Free text under the first tab. Select the cut size.

2. Rotate and flip photos

Often some Gallery apps miss the basics. Fortunately, Samsung Gallery isn’t one of them. You can easily rotate and flip photos with this app.

Go into the photo’s edit mode. Click Rotate and Flip icons under the first tab to rotate and flip the photo respectively.

3. Resize photo

The Samsung Gallery app also provides a photo resizing function. When the photo is in edit mode, tap the three-dot icon at the top and select Resize . Choose a resize percentage from the available options.

4. View original photo

At any time, while editing a photo, if you want to compare it with the original, just touch and hold the photo. Then, You will see a preview of the original photo.

5. Change the strength of the filter

Samsung Gallery offers some cool filters right inside the app. With the photo in edit mode, tap the second tab next to the Crop tab. Here you will find various filters. Tap one to apply to your photo. Use the slider below the filter to adjust the strength of the filter. If you want to remove the applied filter, tap on the first filter called Original filter.

6. Download new filters

If you don’t like the existing filters provided by the Samsung Gallery app, you don’t need to switch to a third-party photo editor. You can download more filters from the Samsung Gallery app. For that, go to Filter in photo editing mode. Scroll to the bottom right of the filter list. Here you will see a Download icon. Click it. You’ll be taken to the Camera and photo effects screen, where you’ll find a variety of filters. Install the ones you like.

7. Add an image on top of another image

Many photo editors don’t provide the function to add watermark to your photos or layered photos on Android, Funnily enough, Samsung Gallery can let you add photos on top of other photos using the Stickers feature.

Open the photo in edit mode. Tap Sticker at the bottom and tap Gallery icon. You will be able to select a new photo that you want to add to an existing photo. Click the photo to add. Once a photo is added, it can be repositioned, resized, and rotated. Similarly, you can add multiple photos to a single photo.

8. Doodle on photos

If you want to draw on your photos, you can easily do that from the Samsung Gallery app. While editing a photo, tap Doodle at the bottom and choose a brush color from the available options. Alternatively, tap the Color Picker icon to choose a color from the photo.

You can even change the brush size and style. Simply click on the Brush icon to do so. Similarly, you can adjust the eraser size. Tap the Eraser icon twice to enable the size setting.

9. Add and Style Text

On the photo editing screen, go to the Text tab to add text to your photo. Start entering text in an existing cell. You can change the text color, font style, alignment, and background color from the options available on the screen.

10. Add color pop up effect

You may know about the color pop-up effect where one item in an image is colored and the rest is monochrome. You can add a similar effect in the Samsung Gallery app.

Go into the image’s edit mode and tap the three-dot icon at the top. Select Spot color from the menu.

Tap the item whose color you want to display. If some other items also show color, you can remove the color with the eraser tool at the bottom.

11. Create collages and GIFs

These are the only two features you’ll find outside of edit mode. Open the Samsung Gallery app and tap the three-dot icon at the top. Choose to Create from the menu followed by GIF or Collage depending on your needs. Then select the photo you want to use for your GIF or Collage and edit it as per your requirement.

12. Change the background effect

For Portrait mode photos, you have the ability to change the background blur and even the effect. Open a photo taken in Portrait mode in the Samsung Gallery app. You will see Change background effect at the bottom. Click it. On the next screen, using the options available at the bottom, you can change the background effect. Check out background remover apps for Android.

13. Keep the original image after editing

Normally, when you’re done editing a photo in the Samsung Gallery app, you’ll tap the Save option at the top. However, doing so will replace the original copy with the edited photo. If you want to save the edited photo while keeping the original copy, tap the three-dot icon inside the edit mode. Choose Save copy from the menu instead of the Save button.

14. Revert to original image after editing

In case you hit the Save button instead of the Save Copy button, don’t worry. You can still get your original photos back using the Revert feature. Basically, the edited photo can be reverted to the original image after editing. To do that, open the edited photo and enter edit mode again. You will see that the Revert option at the top is activated. Click it to get the original image. Obviously, you will lose all the modifications you made to the picture.

Fix: Cannot edit photos in Samsung Gallery

If you are getting To use this feature, you need to allow permissions in setting error when trying to edit photos in Samsung Gallery, don’t worry. You just need to give the Photo Editor app the necessary permissions.

For that, open Settings on your phone and go to Apps > System apps . If you don’t see the System Apps option, tap the three-dot icon at the top and select System apps. Or tap the Organize option and enable the toggle next to Show system apps.

Search for Photo Editor in System Applications. Click it. Then click on Permissions and allow Storage permission . Similarly, enable Storage permission for the Audio Picker app. That should fix the problem of not being able to edit photos in Samsung Gallery.

What’s different in Samsung Galaxy phones

On some Samsung Galaxy phones, you’ll also get features to remove blemishes and objects from your photos. You can even create live wallpapers on your Samsung phone. Also learn the best tips for taking screenshots.