Android Single App Mode

Android Single App Mode – Lock your Android device as a single app

Sometimes the best way to focus on one thing and gain clarity is to turn off any remaining unnecessary background noise. Devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets have so many options to suit every need, performing one task literally distracts you from a million others. In a business scenario where every trivial task is time and resources, there is no room for distraction. Productivity is money and no business can afford to lose it in this competitive market. That’s why your business needs to find a sustainable approach to get the most out of your mobile devices and benefits. After turning off all the hassle you don’t want, can you focus more on the one thing you want most on your mobile device?

What is Android Single App Kiosk Mode?

Android single app mode is a limited mechanism that allows IT administrators to lock mobile devices to a single app. This feature allows end users to restrict unauthorized access to non-essential apps and device settings, and launch a single predefined app even when the device is rebooted.

When you think of a kiosk, you usually think of a wall-mounted or freestanding station. However, today, any mobile device such as smartphones and tablets can be used as an Android kiosk by locking the device to run a specific application or set of applications with the help of well thought out mobile device management (MDM).

When a mobile device runs within a single app, it acts as an effective dedicated device while ensuring security and enhancing user experience. The CubiLock MDM solution transforms traditional mobile devices into a single, purpose-driven app kiosk that acts as a customer-facing portal, digital signage, check-in/check-out device and more. You can potentially save money on separate devices or your IT management team for this purpose!

Android single app mode for business:


The various learning apps available for smartphones and tablets allow students to engage in interactive learning without feeling “stuck” in a book. Studying on a lock tablet dedicated to educational apps eliminates distractions and keeps students focused on their studies. It also protects students from bad internet habits and exposure to harmful content available online.

Interactive kiosks in schools are a great way to quickly access all the information that can be useful for parents, participants, or anyone who wants to know what’s going on at school. There are also many other educational and informational purposes where interactive kiosks can be used in places like classrooms or libraries.


Restaurants are rapidly digitizing by distributing tablets to customers to order food. By using the Android tablet kiosk mode, these restaurants reduce the chances of security issues or malicious content by limiting the device to one function, especially when it comes to payment processing, and acting as a tool to help streamline payment transfers, self-order placement, and more. not seen. , digital customization of your order.

Android single app mode makes the checkout process faster, eliminates human error when receiving and placing orders, and allows customers to create and customize orders at their own pace. We also collect real-time feedback to help us improve and improve the quality of our services.


Hospitals and medical associations have been able to realize many of the benefits by using a single app mode that essentially puts ordinary smartphones and tablets into medical devices. Track patient medical history, current reports and prescriptions all in one place. It is also a great way to automate the patient registration process as it allows staff to focus their attention elsewhere as patients can be identified more quickly upon entering or leaving the facility. The checkout system can also run on kiosks installed in front of the hospital, and you only need to activate one app key.


Single app mode is especially useful for displaying digital media content such as digital signage, advertisements or catalogs. Placing digital ads is a proven way to get more attention and easily grab the attention of consumers.


Retailers of all sizes can take full advantage of a single app kiosk. The store has Wayfinder kiosks, product display kiosks, and product information kiosks scattered throughout the store. It gives consumers a luxurious and sophisticated touch to their shopping experience, helping them easily find what they are looking for, without staff assistance or lengthy conversations. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing an immersive experience.

How to use CubiLock to lock your mobile device to single app kiosk mode?

You can lock your device in single app mode from the easy to use CubiLock dashboard by following the simple steps below. Every time the device reboots, the same specified application will be opened.

  • Step 1: Register and register your Android device or login to the CubiLock portal.
  • Step 2: Select Device Management > Create a new profile or select an existing device profile.
  • Step 3: Click Edit > Applications.
  • Go to Step 4: +Select Application.
  • Step 5: Select the required application. Example: Google Chrome browser.
  • Step 6: Click Install Type > Kiosk from the drop-down menu as shown in the image below.
  • Step 7: Save to apply your changes.

CubiLock Single App Mode allows you to avoid interference with other apps or the home screen on your Android device, streamline your workflow and increase efficiency. This will allow you to use your device more productively and avoid the temptation to check other apps. Lock your device as a single app and turn it into a single destination device with just a few clicks. CubiLock lets you get the most out of a typical mobile device and get to your destination right away.