Add and Decorate iOS 14 Widget (Recommended Widget App)

Add and Decorate iOS 14 Widget (Recommended Widget App)

The second disappointment after Samsung Pay while using the iPhone was that I could not customize the home screen according to my style, such as themes, widgets, and fonts. However, with the update to iOS 14 widget become more powerful and can be added to the home screen, making it easier to personalize and access practical functions.

In this post, we will learn how to use iOS 14 widget among the core features of iOS 14 and how to decorate your iPhone.

Check out the widget collection

If you have not added widgets to the home screen by default, you can check them on the screen where widgets are collected. This function can be very useful when using an app or when it is the lock screen.

First, as a way to check on the home screen/lock screen, slide all the way to the left to display the widget collection. (Widgets containing sensitive information are not displayed on the lock screen.)

To check the widgets while using the app, you can check the widgets by dragging the top left corner of the iPhone down and then sliding it to the left.

Add or Create iPhone Widgets

You can quickly get information by adding the widget you want to the home screen as well as in the widget window, or use various widget apps to decorate it as you like.

  1. First, press and hold an empty space on the home screen to wiggling apps.
  2. Press the + button in the upper left corner of the iPhone screen.
  3. Select the widget and size you want to add to the home screen from among the various widgets and click ‘Add Widget’. (Some widgets may not support the home screen.)
  4. In wiggle mode, drag the widget to the desired position.
  5. Click the ‘Done’ button in the upper right corner or press the Home button to complete.

Widgets that can be used by default include calendar, battery, stock, album, etc., and the same function can be decorated in a different style through various widget apps.

Decorate your iPhone home screen with widgets

As mentioned above, through various widget apps, you can quickly get the information and decorate it in the style you want, as well as use more diverse and convenient functions.

Below, let’s take a look at some useful widget apps.

1. Widget Smith

Widget Smith, best known as an iPhone widget app, is very popular because it has a clean design and features that allow you to check information at the same time, and you can use the following features.

  • time and date
  • calender
  • reminder
  • Custom text, photo, white space
  • Weather (charged)

After selecting the desired function, you can create a wonderful widget by customizing it with the style you want, such as background color and font. However, some features require a paid purchase.

2. Sticky Widgets

It is a sticky widget that allows you to leave important, unforgettable notes as stickers on the home screen. Before arriving home, you can quickly check various information such as what to buy at the mart and what to do today.

You can easily customize the sticker color, font size, font, and spirit in your own style by writing and editing phrases.

It’s basically free to use, but if you want to make it look great with more styles, I recommend purchasing the paid version.

3. Photo Widget

With the iOS 14 update, iOS 14 widget functions can be added to the home screen, but the default photo widget has a drawback in that you cannot select and create a desired photo.

However, with the iPhone Photo Widget, you can select a photo to keep your own memories or express your emotions and place it on the home screen in any size you want.

In addition to fixing the photos you want, you can set multiple photos to be changed automatically by creating one album.


In addition, various applications can be used to conveniently use very useful information such as to-do management and household account book creation.

We would appreciate it if you could share in the comments what useful iOS 14 widget you are currently using.