Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for iPad and iPhone in 2022

Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for iPad and iPhone in 2022

This hidden camera detector apps – Recent advances in technology have made it very easy to monitor people’s positions, movements and routines. This is fine from a security point of view, but no one wants their privacy to be compromised. This is why hidden cameras in areas like hotels have become a problem these days.

If you have the same concerns, you will find this list of hidden camera detector apps for iPhone very useful! So let’s get started.

  • Radar Bot
  • Hidden Camera Detector
  • Hidden Camera Finder
  • Spy Detector
  • Wireless Device Detector
  • Hidden Spy Camera Finder Pro
  • Hidden Spy Camera Detector

7 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for iPad and iPhone

1. Radarbot

This hidden camera detector apps for iPhone is not meant to find your camera in a hotel room or in a private place. However, this app is very useful when driving and navigating with GPS.

This app helps you maintain a globally updated radar collection and understand the speed bumps and location of traffic cameras. This will help you recognize forced speeding on roads, traffic hotspots, and cameras and impose fines while driving.

It also provides ideas for depressions and speed bumps on the road to make them easier to navigate. This app also works with other GPS navigator apps to provide a smooth and seamless experience. Overall, this app will help you drive better and reach your destination safely.

Unfortunately, users are complaining that the support staff of the application is not good. Developers need to deal with this issue.


  • Helping you drive safer
  • Comprehensive data collection on speed bumps, bumpy roads, and depressions
  • Perfect synchronization with most GPS navigation tools


  • Support staff is not very helpful

Price: Free (in-app purchases start at $4.99)

2. Hidden Camera Detector

With the proper name Hidden Camera Detector, the app uses a network scanner to make sure that no unauthorized device is logged into Wi-Fi. What’s more, using your phone’s camera through the app will help you detect spy cameras and lenses around you.

However, the main attraction of this app is not its camera detector or network scanner. The app has a huge library of videos that teach various security topics. From smoke detectors to speakers, from hidden camera detection, this video is comprehensive in every way.

In any case, this trick will help you later even if you don’t have the app on your phone. Finally, you can remotely see all the devices detected by the app on your device!

However, this app is known to have some bugs. Developers will need to address this issue in a future update.


  • Awesome video library
  • Are the basics good?
  • Access scan reports remotely


  • The app crashes

Price: Free (in-app purchases start at $3.99)

3. Find hidden camera – easy to use.

Many hidden camera detection apps on iOS tend to clutter up their utilities and user interface. However, the hidden camera finder app provides a basic user interface that is easy to use.

The application’s algorithm requires a local Wi-Fi connection. The app can use your phone’s camera to detect unauthorized devices. How this app works is very simple and can be used by almost anyone. Plus, it works well and does the basics correctly!

Unfortunately, the latest update is causing stability issues with the app. They tend to fall frequently.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple user interface


  • Apps crash frequently

Price: Free (in-app purchases start at $7.99)

4. Spy Detector: Hidden Camera Detector Apps – Use AI to detect your camera

This is one of the advanced hidden camera detection apps for iPhone. It uses artificial intelligence-based algorithms to detect hidden cameras and lenses around you.

There are also advanced scanning methods that provide the right vibration application. The app can detect the camera via the infrared light emitted by the hidden lens. All in all, this app probably can’t go wrong.

The app will keep reminding you to purchase an expensive network sweeper. The free features of this app are limited.


  • Use AI to track hidden cameras
  • Different ways to detect unauthorized devices


  • Limited free version features

Price: Free (in-app purchases start at $6.99)

5. Wireless Device Detector – Indicates a rogue device on the network.

The Wireless Device Detector app for iOS is one of the easiest apps you can use to detect your device. It’s also completely free!

To make the app work, all you have to do is connect to a Wi-Fi network. Then, just tap on the user interface and the app will be able to scan all the devices connected to the network. Unauthorized devices such as cameras and hidden lenses will also appear in the app.

This app has too many ads. This can be a disappointing experience at times.


  • Simple design
  • Completely free to use

Detect unauthorized devices over Wi-Fi connection


  • Too many ads

Price: Free

6. Hidden Spy Camera Finder Pro – Various Features

Hidden Spy CameraFinder Pro is one of the most feature-rich hidden camera detection apps on iPhone. If you do all the basics correctly, there are some more interesting features.

The app has the usual Wi-Fi scanning feature. However, it scans your device’s Bluetooth for unauthorized pairings. What’s more, you can also check the  scan history if you wish. In some cases, it is very important to keep these records. Finally, we also provide location-based guidance and recommendations!

Without a premium subscription, you’ll have to deal with a lot of ads, which is one of the biggest drawbacks of the app.


  • Many features
  • Scan history keeps a detailed record
  • Works with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks
  • Provide guidance and recommendations


  • The free version has a lot of ads.

Price: Free (in-app purchases start at $2.99)

7. Hidden Spy Camera Detector – Best Premium Option

This application is very underrated. But it is one of the best hidden camera detection apps for iOS that you can find today. You have to pay for this app, but you get a lot of features.

It can help you detect wired cameras, infrared cameras, lenses, Bluetooth cameras, and Wi-Fi cameras. Different cameras have different detection methods.

For example, if you check a wired camera, it will look for suspicious magnetic activity that resembles the camera. Infrared Camera Detection also uses your iPhone’s IR sensor to detect infrared activity. Overall, you definitely get your money’s worth.

The app still needs some work. Some users say that there is a problem with the application.


  • Number of corresponding features
  • There are different ways to detect different types of hidden cameras.
  • Value for money


  • The application may have problems.

Price: $2.99


So what do you think about the list of best hidden camera detection apps for iPhone? Have you ever used this app? Share your experience in the comments section below. If you have a favorite hidden camera detection app, you can also add recommendations!