How to Add Bank Account to Dasher App on Your Smartphone
How to Add Bank Account to Dasher App on Your Smartphone

How to Add Bank Account to Dasher App on Your Smartphone

Investobuddies – Dasher app can earn weekly income through direct deposit. U.S. based Dasher also has more frequent access to income via DasherDirect or Fast Pay.

Note: To protect your account, you cannot use Fast Pay for 7 days after your debit card information is changed.

To make an update or set up direct deposit, follow the instructions below.

Here’s how to add bank account to dasher app

  1. Go to your device’s settings and grant camera access to the Dasher app.
  2. Launch the Dasher app.
  3. Go to the Income tab in the bottom bar.
  4. Tap the red Add Bank User image symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap Add Bank Account to set up direct deposit or tap Update to change your bank information.
  • Important: Make sure the account provided is a checking account. DoorDash cannot deposit payments into your savings account.
  • When you add a bank account, the app will ask you to take a photo of your ID.
  • USA – Enter the following details for your bank account.
    • Routing number: 9 digits long
    • Account number: usually 10 to 12 digits
  • Canada – Enter the following details for your bank account.
    • branch number
    • agency number
    • account number
  • You will be prompted to enter a two-step verification code sent to you via text message.
  • If you do not receive a text message, tap Resend Code and email the message.
  • If you choose Email, please check DoorDash’s verification code in all your email folders.
  • Note: The verification code does not verify details about your bank. This confirms that the owner of this Dasher account has allowed changes to the direct deposit details.
  1. Tap Send. A success message appears confirming the changes.
  2. On the second Wednesday after Dashing, check your bank account to confirm the payment transfer. If payment does not work, check your account details again in the app.
  • Note: DoorDash processes payments on the first Monday of each week and may take 1-2 business days to process. For faster income access, US-based Dasher can use DasherDirect or Fast Pay.
  • Note: Whenever you update your bank information, you will receive an email from no-reply@doordash.com with the subject Dasher Bank Account Information Changed. If you have received this email but have not updated your information, please follow the instructions in the email as soon as possible to ensure that your account is not transferred to a third party.

That’s How to Add Bank Account to Dasher App. I hope this article is useful for you.