6 Best iPhone Cleaning Apps of 2022
Best iPhone Cleaning Apps

6 Best iPhone Cleaning Apps of 2022

investobuddies.com – It is very important to install a good cleaning app on your iPhone to keep it tidy and take out the trash. It can be difficult to keep track of all the various data on your phone, whether it’s contacts, files, or photos and videos that you no longer need. I know that the “memory full” warning is one of the most annoying things, at least for me. Especially if you are going to take some photos or videos. Luckily, you can use these best iPhone cleaning apps to get rid of the problem in the first place and keep your phone in optimal condition.

Criteria for choosing clean apps

There’s no shortage of apps that promise to erase memory, photos, videos, files, contacts, and more. However, many apps don’t work and end up causing more problems to the device. I know this because I’ve seen a lot of options that actually work and make life easier. I made my choice based on two main aspects.

  • Efficiency of the app to clean my iPhone
  • Easy to clean because no one has time to manipulate too many complicated settings.

Here are 6 of the best iPhone cleaning app options to choose from.

  • iPhone Cleaner
  • Smart vacuum cleaner
  • Improved cleaning
  • Cleaner Pro
  • Slide Grid Photo Manager
  • Gemini Images: Organize Your Gallery

1. iPhone Cleaner – Best iPhone Cleaner App

The Cleaner app for iPhone lets you quickly and easily clean the photos, videos and contacts on your phone. The process is very easy thanks to the user-friendly interface. For pictures, this app can identify and delete similar or duplicate screenshots, selfies, blurry photos, burst photos, and photos directly on your iPhone.

However, the “Quick Clean” button lets you delete all those images in just two clicks. This cleaning app also has a contact management app that allows you to merge or delete multiple contacts on your iPhone. If you have duplicate phone numbers, names and email addresses on your iPhone, you can use Cleaner for iPhone to combine them and then use up the space.

You can also delete all or some contacts in this cleaning app, which is not possible on iPhone. The awesome Cleaner feature for iPhone lets you back up your contacts to iCloud before merging or deleting them.

It also displays a memory status bar that shows how much space is left on your iPhone. And how many photos or videos in that storage space. These visual statistics can help you make decisions about optimizing your iPhone storage.

You can also delete videos from iPhone. You can use filters like size and date to remove unnecessary videos. Overall, Cleaner for iPhone is the best iPhone storage cleaner app.

Price: Free (in-app purchases start at $2.99)

2. Smart vacuum cleaner

Try this app to organize your photos and contacts on iPhone easily and efficiently. When you open it, you have the option of smart cleaning or manual cleaning. Smart cleaning quickly removes duplicate content and screenshots. In contrast, manual cleaning gives you more control over the categories of files you want to delete, such as photos, videos, or contacts.

The interface is easy to understand and helps you complete the cleaning tasks that need to be done. It analyzes your phone’s memory to show you what you can delete, and then you can choose whether to continue. It also displays duplicate and incomplete contacts so you can manage and organize your list. It’s easy to quickly merge, back up and delete your contacts.

One important aspect is that, like any photo storage app, it provides a secret space to securely store your private media and contacts that you don’t want to see in your contact list. You can also organize your photos by location and easily delete all the photos you take in one place.

What I like most is the minimal white and blue clean interface without annoying ads and paywalls. Of course you need a subscription to use all the features.

For speed and convenience, you can also perform smart cleaning with Siri or a shortcut.

Price: Free (Premium starts at $4.99)

3. Improved cleaning

This is another great organizer app to quickly and cleanly organize your photos or videos, and you can also opt for manual cleaning featuring content you can adjust, such as screenshots and duplicates.

It provides features such as removing duplicate photos or large videos, merging duplicate contacts, and backing up contacts. You can do it with one tap, which makes your daily life easier and doesn’t mess up your device.

The app also gives you a clear view of how much memory is left at any given moment. Easy to use and does the job effectively. It also offers two additional options: an ad blocker and a network speed test. Ad blockers are useful for getting rid of the annoying things while browsing in Safari.

Price: Free ($9.99 for a monthly subscription).

4. Cleaner Pro – Best iPhone Cleaning Apps

This is a special app for dealing with repeated contacts and it works like a charm. With an intuitive interface and clear instructions, anyone can use it right away and manage your contacts.

Why do you need it? After years of using the same address book, switching devices, and importing contacts from different sources, your list can become redundant or complex. This can get too complicated, so it’s best to keep your contacts clean for easy navigation.

In these situations, this handy tool also lets you filter contacts, merge or remove duplicates, and even safely undo changes. If you are like me and cuddle with the thousands of contacts you have accumulated over the years, this is a must try app to clear your head. The best part is that the app is completely free and available in 15 languages.

Price: Free

5. Slide Grid Photo Manager

This is an essential minimalistic app to manage and organize your photos. All unsorted photos are displayed and you can select the album name you want to include. Or, swipe up to delete or swipe left to skip.

You can also view albums on a split screen, so you can easily move photos to another album or add one photo to multiple albums at once. It’s also a great alternative to Google Photos if you prefer in-app purchases to free up storage space.

If you love your photos and your gallery is messy like I do, this app is the easiest way to organize your photos. Trust and free up a lot of space on your phone.

Price: Free ($7.99 for Premium)

6. Gemini Images: Organize Your Gallery

This is a very smart photo organizer app that suggests which photos are best to save. You can decide what you want: well-focused photos, faces, smiles, or open eyes instead of closed ones. This makes the job easier because you don’t have to look at all the photos in a group to create similar ones. decision. The most worth keeping.

It also helps you manage complex screenshots, exact duplicates, text photos, and more. View all the media files you have and use a swipe gesture to save or delete them. This interface makes using the app more interesting and helps you clean on the go.

It also has an additional feature called Photo Radar which cleans on the go to prevent future media buildup. This will prevent the “Memory Full” warning popup from appearing again. really cool!

Price: Free ($4.99 for monthly subscription)

Say no to clutter with the best iPhone cleaning apps

I hope these 5 apps are as effective in cleaning your iPhone as I am. Is there a problem? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help. Or if you have any other app suggestions, we’d love to hear them too! You can also check out the best file management apps to help you stay organized. Hassle free phone calls!