Best 9 Apps for Android TV You Must Have in 2022
Apps for Android TV

Best 9 Apps for Android TV You Must Have in 2022

Investobuddies.com – Besides running a few mainstream apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube, Android TV/box has more. If you’re not familiar with Android smartphones, you’ll be surprised that Android TV comes with so many entertainment and productivity apps for android TV.

As such, we’ve put together the following apps to help you get the most out of your Android TV.

Aptoide TV

For some people, the Google Play Store isn’t enough to satisfy their thirst for apps. That’s where Aptoide TV comes in handy. It includes social apps and tons of apps, from games to entertainment apps. All you have to do is choose one and install it from the comfort of your sofa.

Installing Aptoid TV takes less than a minute. Go to the official site and click ‘ Install Aptoide TV ‘. But before installing, toggle the Setting > Security & Restrictions switch to Unknown Sources.

Sideload Launcher – Apps for Android TV

At the end of the day, Android TV runs on Android (obviously). This means that there is a checkpoint at every point in time. First of all, the TV doesn’t show apps downloaded from third-party sites.

You won’t even see apps that haven’t been updated or are not compatible with your Android version.

Sideload Launcher solves this problem by showing hidden apps in Leanback Launcher, the default Android TV launcher, making it easier to launch sideloaded apps.

Just launch the app and select the app as you would on your phone or TV.

Cetus Play

Cetusplay prides itself on being the world’s best remote app for your Android TV box or Fire TV. And live up to that promise. Just make sure your TV and phone are connected to the same WiFi network. Once done, you can easily control your TV.

CetusPlay has a rich app center, the ability to take screenshots from the phone, and a handy clean master tool.

Unity: Home Media Server

youunity brings your smartphone’s content to the big screen. From your music collection to your favorite movies, it’s all easily accessible on your TV.

The prerequisite for this application is the LocalCast application. Just search for your TV to set it up. When done, open your music collection, tap the three-dot menu, then open. That’s it!


Plex can rightfully be described as a miniature version of Kodi. Similarly, Plex turns computers and smartphones into set-top boxes or servers. You can stream songs and videos directly to your TV via WiFi.

The advantage over youth is that you can stream from your computer and smartphone. All you have to do is go to settings and select the right server.

Tunnel Bear VPN

Because the internet is vast, not every app or website is available everywhere. That’s when a VPN comes in handy. Also, in addition to geo-restrictions, most VPN services also guarantee a security blanket.

And few VPN services can match TunnelBear’s quality of service.

We use fast and strong encryption methods to protect your data. TunnelBear is free, but you can always opt for a paid subscription service. The free plan gives you access to 500 MB of data, while the unlimited data plan resets to $9.99 per month.

VLC for Android

VLC’s ability to play almost any multimedia file and its ability to easily decode videos in both software and hardware modes have made VLC one of the most popular apps on the Play Store.

MX Player is the first choice when playing offline videos or songs, but I prefer VLC mainly because of its nice interface. If you haven’t used it on your Android TV yet, I would like to remind you that all audio and video files are neatly separated into their respective categories. And if you need to search for a folder, the browse section should do the trick.

ES File Explorer

File Manager is a must-have app for any Android device, be it an Android phone or an Android TV. This not only allows you to browse files and manage downloads, but also helps with effective storage management.

ES File Explorer for Android TV is a great choice. Unlike the phone version, the TV app is not full of ads. In terms of features, ES File Explorer bundles a plethora of features.

My personal favorite is the integration of Google Drive. I always need to have a sideloaded app on my Android TV. Just upload the APK file to My Google Drive and access the same file in the TV app. Simple.

Haystack TV: Daily News Apps

As they say, keeping all the news up to date is the mantra of the New Age world. If you agree, trust Haystack TV will manage all your news feeds.

Winner of the 2017 Best TV Experience Award, the app brings you news from the best sources tailored to your taste. Also, the interface is simple and easy to use, with all the news neatly categorized on the left.

Go get it!

Many of these apps are readily available on the Google Play Store. However, some like youth and Aptoide are not yet available. To do this, you can get the apps for android tv file from a trusted source and sideload it to your TV. With the right app in the right place, your Android TV experience can also be improved a few steps. These were some of my top picks. What are you?