Best 3D Wallpaper App for Android
3D Wallpaper App

Best 3D Wallpaper App for Android

Investobuddies.com – Thanks to advances in the technological world, smartphone displays have undergone many changes. In just a few years, it has evolved from HD screens to Quad HD (Google Pixel XL) and Ultra HD (Xperia Z5 Premium) screens. If you own such a phone, it would be a shame not to use that amazing display. First of all, you can decorate it with cool 3D wallpaper app.

Today we have compiled a list of 3 cool 3D wallpapers app for Android. Do not misunderstand. This apps isn’t just made for high-end mobile phones. These wallpapers look equally great on all devices.

3D parallax background – 3D Wallpaper App

With amazing layer effects, myriad themes and battery-efficient technology, 3D parallax backgrounds remain the de facto standard for 3D wallpapers. Up to 80 themes are included, with new themes added regularly.

The app also has various settings to customize the wallpaper. If it meets your app’s standards, it comes with a wallpaper maker that you can use to decorate your beautiful background.

3D Wallpaper Parallax

Next on the list is 3D Wallpaper Parallax. It contains beautiful wallpapers to check the look of your home screen. The depth effect is quite amazing thanks to quite a lot of layers. The USP of this app is that you can easily choose the number of layers.

The collection is huge, including a bunch of Marvel and DC superhero wallpapers, including Wonder Woman.

You can also set the wallpaper to rotate every few minutes in settings. An unusual but cool feature is the wallpaper maker. Several backgrounds are included that can be used as layers.

If the built-in backgrounds aren’t enough, you can always get them from your photo collection.

Check out how to set a GIF as your home screen background.

Asteroid 3D Live Wallpaper

As humans, we have a deep curiosity about the universe. Whether it’s extraterrestrial life or a deep thirst for knowledge about extraterrestrial life, this curiosity doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. Asteroid 3D Live Wallpaper will help you bring the love of space to your phone. We have an impressive collection of futuristic 3D live wallpapers with asteroids expanding into space stations, planets and more.

There’s a fair share of advertising in between, so if you can manage the past, you’ll love their collection. You can also customize the speed and number of asteroids to your liking.

Which one will you get?

Given the fact that changing the wallpaper is one of the easiest and most frequently used customization options, you can easily find the 3D Wallpaper App on the Play Store. The above app the best choice.