Best Android Paid Apps for Free This Week
Android Paid Apps

Best Android Paid Apps for Free This Week

Investobuddies.com – Android is the solution used by more than half of smartphone users worldwide, and the Google Play Store has a huge number of android paid apps that meet the needs of Android users.

There are many free apps, but premium or android paid apps offer an edge and therefore ask for money.

There are often hidden sales that keep happening on the Play Store. It is part of a sweepstakes or seasonal event. During the festival, Google will promote and promote these offers. However, most of these sales go unnoticed.

This article describes some premium or Android paid apps that you can use for free on your Android phone.

So, here are the best Android paid apps of the week that you can get for free.

Navigator PRO – Android Paid Apps

GPS-based navigation has caught up with smartphone users really well. This is because smartphones are getting smarter day by day and providing advanced features necessary for accurate navigation. But for all this you need good apps.

Google Maps is the best solution, but limited offline use causes some problems in areas where network connectivity is a big problem. However, Navigator PRO offers advanced offline navigation and is now available for free.

Just like a personal navigation or PND, this app turns your phone into a gadget for the road. It provides voice-based alerts and is also suitable for driving, biking and walking. Using this app online gives you advanced features such as traffic information, notifications, and satellite views of the places you want to visit.

The app sells for around $2 dollar on the Google Play Store, but it’s free right now.

Newtification – News App

Many of us like to read the newspaper in the morning. Some people are so addicted to this that they can’t even easily perform their daily tasks without knowing what’s going on around the world. For those ‘news junkies’, there is the Newtification News app. This Android paid apps collects news from various local and international newspapers.

You can get your daily dose of news from many country you need. You can get news based on interests, country selection, keyword sets, and more. If you’re an avid newspaper reader, there’s so much to gain from this app.

The app collects news from almost anywhere in the world and presents it in a very simple interface that newspaper lovers will love.

The app sells for around $2.5 dollar on the Play Store, but it’s free right now.

Learn German with MosaLingua – Android paid apps

Learning a foreign language is always fun. You get to know a country, how its people speak and what they say. If you want to go to Germany, this awesome Android app is a must.

Learn German with MosaLingua, an interactive language learning app for Android that focuses on German. MosaLingua also has many apps for other languages.

The best feature of this app is that it has a very interactive teaching method. Because it was actually developed by people who learned German in a similar way. The app promises to teach a whole language in a short amount of time in a few advanced ways. Starting by teaching only 20% of what’s important first, this app makes 80% of your trip to Germany much easier.

The app sells for around $5 dollar on the Play Store, but it’s free right now.

Earth 3D Live Wallpaper

As a child I dreamed of looking at the Earth from space and admiring its beauty. So far, that hasn’t happened, but I like to keep a positive attitude. Who knows what will happen in the future?

The Earth 3D Live Wallpaper app gives you a glimpse of the glorious real Earth in 3D right from your smartphone’s home screen.

This wallpaper is location aware and changes or synchronizes the day and night time in your time zone.

Overall, the Earth continues to rotate, providing a very vivid and fresh view every time you go to the home screen.

The app sells for around $4 dollar on the Google Play Store, but you can get free right now.

Spelling Bug Hangman Kids App – Android paid apps

I hope you played hangman as a kid. It’s a game that helps me build a lot of skills in finding and identifying words, and it definitely helped me improve my language skills.

The same game can now be used in different apps. If you’re looking for a premium or paid version with the best features and no ads, try the Spelling Bug Hangman Kids app. This app is for kids, but that doesn’t stop me from playing. I’m sure you will be fascinated by this once you install the game. All you have to do is guess the word and make it into letters you can use at will.

There are different skill levels in this game and what’s interesting is that this game is customizable. You can record clues in your own voice so your child can respond better.

Spelling Bugs Hangman Kid’s app has no annoying ads or internet links, so it’s absolutely safe for kids.

This android paid apps sells for around $2.5 dollar on the Play Store, but it’s free to use right now.

VR Black Hole

The last app on this week’s list might sound straight out of the movie Interstellar, but it isn’t. However, the premise is almost identical to the black hole scene in that movie.

The VR Black Hole App, as the name suggests, is a virtual reality-based application that simply requires you to steer a spaceship through a black hole and understand the dynamics of a celestial body in the process.

Of course, the experience may seem a bit synthetic, since no one has actually been near a black hole. Because black holes would definitely be lethal (yes, Christopher Nolan, you read that). The point here is that this app will teach you a lot about black holes no matter what information you have about them.

That’s all we have to offer this week, but come back next week to see more exciting Android paid apps you can get for free.