Envoy Mobile App Riview in 2022
Envoy Mobile App

Envoy Mobile App Riview in 2022

Investobuddies.com – Envoy Mobile is the companion mobile app for Envoy products that lets you get more out of your work. Whether you’re a manager or an employee, the Envoy mobile app lets you work from the office on the go.

You can use the Envoy mobile app on any iPhone running iOS 12.2 or later or Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later. Download it now from the App Store or from Google Play Store.

How The Envoy Mobile App Works

Anyone in the company can download and use the Envoy mobile app. Depending on the Envoy product you use at work, and if your employee also has administrative privileges, the features available in the app will vary. Here are all the ways employees use apps at work and more.

Make An Appointment to Come to The Office.

Envoy Guardian Required

Anyone in the company can download and use the Envoy mobile app. Enabling Envoy Protect allows you to quickly schedule your employees to come to the office and complete a company status check. When your company installs Messenger Desk, you can assign seats to your employees.

Register Guests and See Who Is Visiting

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Register upcoming office guests and track when they will arrive so you can be prepared for every visit. Edit scheduled visits, remove visitors and view visitor history.

Manage Incoming Office Deliveries

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Take a photo to automatically log your shipment, notify each recipient, and send a notification confirming that your package has been picked up. Recipients will be notified as soon as the package arrives and can easily confirm pickup.

Book A Room Quickly For Last Minute Meetings

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If you are traveling and need a room, get room recommendations based on your location. Book nearby places with one click.

Connect With Colleagues

View your employee directory and send messages to your team members right from the app. In the directory, you can find records for each employee, including name, email address, mobile phone number (optional) and secretary (optional). This is the easiest way to access your entire team’s contact information along with your entire team.

Customize Notification Preferences

Choose how you want to be notified when a visitor arrives to see you or receives a delivery. Companies set where notifications are sent to by default. However, you can edit where you want to receive notifications privately in your profile.

Reach Another Office In Seconds

If you use Envoy to visit the office, the Envoy mobile app automatically sends your details directly to your iPad, so you can log in in seconds and collect a digital stamp every time you visit the office.