Tribel App Review in 2022 Is The App Legal
Tribel App

Tribel App Review in 2022? Is The App Legal?

Investobuddies.com – Tribel App Review: Tired of creating top quality content but still not growing enough? Do you want the reputation and support you deserve on social media platforms? Having trouble trusting a service provider or app that claims to help you grow?

If you’re facing all the problems mentioned above, why not try a free app called Tribell App to help you grow your influencer? Not sure if it’s legal or safe? If so, we recommend that you read the Tribel app review article mentioned below.


The Tribel App is a social networking app for Android and iOS users founded by Tribel LLC. The app serves as a smart social networking platform that allows you, influencers, and general social media network users to reach their preferred audiences and sectors.

It helps you get the right audience and the recognition you want. Likes and reputations are valuable on social media networking platforms, so growth is easy with the help of the Tribel app.

The app allows you to customize your news feed, help you find the latest hot posts and topics, and more.

It helps you to know what’s trending in various fields such as business, economy, beauty, environment, family, and books. With the help of this app, you can focus on creating quality content and focus on finding new trends in the app.

Tribel App Highlights

  • No More Searching and Scrolling

This app works to find the right trends that will help you save time searching and scrolling across various social media platforms to find the latest trends on each platform.

You can customize your feed and choose more than one topic to find trends across different platforms. It’s easy to find topics that are really interesting to your audience.

  • No Confusion as in to Post?

This app helps users choose the target audience for their ideal post and start posting at peak times. This will help you post when there are a lot of people online who are interested in your field.

  • Find Ideal Experts

Finding experts in your favorite categories will help you gain influence and motivation. You can also choose to work with them and grow with them. With the help of this app you can find and learn from major contributors in your favorite fields like sports, fashion and more.

  • Grow Organically

This will help you find experts in your field, but will also help you grow with them. This process will be slow and stable as it will help you grow organically. You can get the right audience for your page on a variety of social media networking platforms.

Price and Plans

There is no mention of pricing or subscription plans with respect to the Tribel app. This app can be installed for free from the Google Play Store and the App Store. It is also compatible with tablets from various companies.

There is also no mention of in-app purchases. All of this means that this app is 100% free for all users. All features of the app are free to use and cost nothing.

Tribel App Riview

This app has different performance for Android and iOS users. With about 200 votes, the overall rating was only 2.5. Based on ratings and reviews, you may find that your app cannot provide features that the app description claims to provide.

Until it gets a positive response from iOS users on the App Store. It has a good rating of 4.7 with over 700 reviews. According to the ratings and reviews, the app seems to work well for Apple users.

The app works and is the same in both app stores, but the feedback I get is very different.

Is Tribel App legal?

Looking at the feedback on the App Store, the app performed well on the App Store, but the opposite on the Google Play Store.

It is not logical to follow something positive or negative because of counter feedback. In this case, we recommend that you install the app, try it out for yourself, and see if it’s worth a try.

Last Thoughts

There are many apps on the App Store and Google Play Store to help you grow on different social networking platforms. Triple is one of the recently released platforms that does the same thing.

The app seems to be free of cost, so even if it doesn’t work as claimed, you can easily uninstall it with one click. If you can, we recommend that you try the app and see for yourself whether it works or not.

We hope that you have read our Tribel app review and have had enough data to decide whether the app is worth the time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Tribel App Secure?

Not sure if the app is legal or not, but it’s definitely safe. Based on all customer reviews of the app on the internet, the app has received mixed reactions, but nowhere is it said that the app is unsafe. It does not appear to steal user information for personal use.